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26 September 2021

Pop-up Meet - Porsche on Sloane

Ideally positioned for those to the West of our region and those further away, we have a new pop-up Sunday Breakfast meet for you.

The area meets all of R20’s exacting requirements of Space, Soul and Coffee. This spot delivers on all three, as we visit the hard-landscaped square on the boundaries of the fashionable London districts of Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Chelsea.

So, come along and hang out with your fellow Porsche Club GB friends and Porsche enthusiasts at our new West London pop-up meet on Sloane Square, SW1W 8SB (Porsche on Sloane) from 8:00am.

Start time:
8am, this is to grab the prime parking before the rest of Chelsea wakes up.

Free around Sloane Square, both sides (inner and outer), single yellow line restrictions do not apply on Sunday! Overflow parking will be on Sloane Street. Please do not park on the zigzag crossing markings, taxi ranks or bus stops. We'll be on hand to welcome you.

Congestion and ULEZ charges:
Do not apply in this area.

Speed Limits/Noise:
Please abide the local speed limits, which are now 20mph throughout the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Sloane Street is well known for the supercar season for all the wrong reasons. The residents have zero tolerance for those that like to use launch control and excessive speed along their otherwise sleepy Sunday street; they will not hesitate to report those that break the rules.

For those approaching via Sloane Street please note that in addition to regular speed activated cameras, 'noise cameras' have also been installed triggering at just 74db. Our recommendation is 'sports exhaust' off and keep the revs down.

Most importantly:
Please do not attend if you or other family member has or suspects you may have Covid-19, are self-isolating, quarantining or are shielding.

Dining/Coffee options:
There are many options for you, some on Sloane Square, the others on Pavilion Road, London's longest and friendliest mews, offering the best artisan shops. It's amazing on its own! If you wish to eat at the Colbert or Hans' Bar & Grill we highly recommend booking.

On the square:
Colbert - Inspired by the great boulevard cafés of Paris, Colbert is a neighbourhood restaurant (Open from 8am).


The Botanist - Chelsea's Social Destination: Iconic bar and restaurant located on Sloane Square (Open from 9am).


Cote Brasserie - Relaxed all day dining inspired by the brasseries of Paris (Open from 8am).


Pavilion Road:
Hans' Bar & Grill - Serving breakfast to dinner and cocktails - seasonal menu rooted in British produce (Open from 7am).


Granger & Co. - All-day easy dining Australian restaurant founded by Bill Granger, with both indoor and outdoor tables (Open from 8am).


Bread ahead - The famous bakers in Borough Market; artisan bakery shop and café (Takeaway from 9am).


The Roasting Party - Great Coffee built on passion, friendships, and trust (Takeaway from 9am).


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