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5 January 2020

R20 Escape - Icebreaker

For 2020 we are continuing our regular drives. We promise you some great driving routes which we have always pre-driven. Starting from our region ending up somewhere with Porsche friendly parking; who knows where that will be, luckily, we usually do.

Our 2019 drives took us, North into Essex, South through the Downs, West invading the Cotswolds and East to the Seaside; not forgetting three amazing runs through our home town past London's iconic landmarks.

Our drives will be on a mix of weekend days, some Saturday, and some Sunday. This will allow us access to some different end points and perhaps an occasional Sunday at home.

To encourage the use of older Porsches, some of our drives will be led by and for those with a classic. Pace will be classically spirited but respectful for those without modern driver aids.

For our first escape of 2020, the 'Icebreaker', we head 'Out' (East London style) in search of great driving roads, exactly which way will depend on the weather. You know the sort of roads we like; flowing, twisty B-roads where we can exercise our cars. Lunch will be at a great pub with turkey hopefully not on the menu!

(This is for infromation only, bookings will not accepted at this time)

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