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18 Sep 2017

Peterhead Prison Museum visit

Our visit to Peterhead's fascinating Prison Museum

On September 10 we "did some time" in Peterhead's Convict Prison Museum.

Having met up for coffee and buns at The Store in Foveran - and welcomed first-eventers Ian, Nick & Gemma and Shirley - 20 of us headed up to Peterhead via the coast road through Newburgh & Cruden Bay.

If you haven't yet visited this attraction, all would agree that it was well worth the trip. We were lucky to have the museum's facility development coordinator as our tour guide, and his in-depth knowledge of the institution and its history really added to our enjoyment.

We were also priveliged to meet Jackie Stuart, who, as a guard at the Prison in 1987 was snatched and held hostage by rioting inmates for several days. Now retired, he's happy to be able to tell of his harrowing experience. 

I don't want to say too much about the museum - If you haven't been, why not try it yourself?

Having behaved ourselves we were released and took ourselves off to the Saplinbrae Hotel, by Mintlaw, for a very enjoyable lunch.

Many thanks to Mac & Sheena Milne for their suggestion of route & venues, and to Ian Thow and Pauline for the pictures.

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