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19 June 2021

R2 Summer Solstice Run


Join us for the legendary Region 2 Summer Solstice run, on the closest Saturday to the longest day. The longest day is a magical time here in North Scotland, with light in the sky until midnight.

In accorance with guidelines, we will not disclose exact locations for the this event until you are booked on. This is to ensure only members who are booked on turn up to the event, for control of numbers and track and trace. We will of course give you enough information now for you to decide if you want to join us or not.

Join us and your fellow R2 members for the annual Summer Solstice run on Saturday the 19th of June. Starting in the Aberdeen City area, we will gather before setting off in the early evening on a scenic drive to the north coast of Aberdeenshire. Once there, we will park up at the seafront, and have something to eat at a well regarded Fish & Chips restaurant (indoor seated, in case the weather isn't great).

After eating, we can soak up the last of the evenings rays and socialise, before heading home your own way.

There are a limited number of spaces for this event. To give everyone a fair chance, booking for this event will open on Monday 17th May. 

Please book a free ticket below and we will send you full details for locations and times.

Covid-19 Guidelines. 

  • At the time of writing, this event will be occuring in a Level 2 county. This means that a maximum of 250 people may attend an outdoor, free-standing event, and 100 for an indoor event. Since this event contains an indoor component, the government limit is 100 people.
  • Unrestricted travel to all 0-2 areas. Unfortunately you will not be permitted to attend if you are travelling from a Level 3 or 4 area. 
  • A maximum of 8 people from 8 households may meet outdoors - please be mindful of this when interacting with other attendees. There is not currently a limit on how many household you may interact with per day. 
  • The event will have an indoor venue. Please follow the instructions of the restaurant at all times. Seating will be arranged in tables to suit the government madated indoor gathering limit. Face coverings should be worn and attendees should be mindful not to gather in a large queue at any time.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at

In line with club regulations, a full risk assessment has been carried out for this event, please get in touch to see a copy. 

A lateral flow Covid test is available free of charge from the NHS. We would encourage members to order a test in advance and take the test on the day of the event, for peace of mind. This is not mandatory, and we will not ask you to share your test results. We do however ask that you take caution should your test result come back positive for Covid-19. Book your test here. 

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