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17 March 2019

March Sunday Run - Porsche Roads to Kildrummy

Join us on a road run across as many Porsche numbered roads as possible, as we head to Kildrummy Inn for lunch and refreshment.

See Route Details Here - Meeting at Buckie Farm Stonehouse at 10:30am 

The idea with Porsche numbered roads is to link together a route using roads who's number is a Porsche model - e.g. B911, B944, A928, etc.  Being in the North East around the main A9 route, many subsiduary roads in this area therefore start with a 9, a nice coincidence considering our manufacturers model naming system!

While there are roads in R2's extended "patch" from the A917 in Fife upwards, for this run it's been possible to string together 6 Porsche roads on the way to Kildrummy from Aberdeen, with the option to hit a further 2 on the way back east.

There is not set menu for the Inn, and pre-booking meal choices is not required. We simply need to let them know how many to cater for.

Please email us to let us know if you're planning to come along, and indicate whether you plan to stay for lunch or not so we can make an accurate table booking.

You can reach us at the usual address:

Hope to see you there!

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