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16 June 2019

R2 Treasure Hunt

Last June Chris O'Dowd organised an Angus based Treasure Hunt. Though the group was small, we all had a great day out, so he's been roped him in to organise another hunt this year!

This time in a new location: 

Members will meet at the TreeHouse, Midmar between 0930 & 1000 for breakfast and then participants will be given 10 locations from which they choose 7 to visit. You have to answer a question at each location to prove you have been there. Plan your route and proceed to the finish point where we can have a picnic or if the weather does not co-operate there is an inside venue available.

The aim will be to reach the finish in the shortest distance. Those taking part need to use their skill & judgement to select the seven locations and route between them and the finish to achieve the lowest mileage as there will be a number of permutations both in the order of locations and the routes between them. We hope that members will find this a fun and interesting format and that it will encourage those partners/friends who may not usually go on runs or to the club nights to come along as it`s more than "just cars and driving around".

It is important to stress that there is no advantage to speed, and that this is a non-competetive event - even so, you should check your own insurance policy to make sure you are covered - every policy is different!

Maps will be available at the start (You can use your own maps but no satnav use allowed!) along with clipboards, pens etc. There will be some prizes for the 3 best results.

If you'd like to come to this event please let us know at the usual address:

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