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25 August 2019

R2 Car Photography Workshop

One of region 2's own members, Gilles Gardner, has kindly offered to share his knowledge in automotive photography, to help you capture quality images of your Porsche whether that's on your phone or with a camera. 

Gilles background as a professional journalist/photographer is a fantastic resource for the club and we are lucky to be able to learn from him. Tom Hail has kindly offered us the use of OPC Aberdeen so come on down for a 10am start were Gilles will present a quick powerpoint covering all the basics, before making a few suggestions about where to go and test out this new knowledge. 

Handy printouts will be available on the day, and Gilles will be out with his camera too - feel free to flag him down if you have any questions! 

We want to encourge the region to share their photography with us, as we try to get as many members images in Porsche Post as we can. So come along and help build our repertoire. (funny captions are always appreciated)

Drop us an email if you would like to attend -

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