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22 Feb 2019

Portmeirion Weekend

R5's (and others) annual weekend in North Wales.

Phil and Nette Graham did very well organising the now annual trip to North Wales. Over eighty people turned up for the two night event held at the Portmeirion Hotel,  much higher numbers than last year. The hotel close by the estuary, was a wonderful spot this year because the weather was just brilliant. For North Wales in mid February this was some result!  Well done Phil and Nette! The scenery around there in decent weather is hard to beat. 
The group met at the Bison cafe for lunch on Friday, from there it is a great drive to the hotel on some excellent 'Porsche' roads. The din in the dining room during dinner Friday night, simply confirmed the hotel chef's ability to meet expectations, probably aided and abetted by purchases from the bar.........As previous years, the meal was excellent.  Saturday's weather was fine, and having the whole day provided time for a variety of activities. Enjoying the scenery, walking and riding the local narrow gauge railways. An excellent dinner again, with the usual long visits to the bar once formalities were over.
Having the event over two nights made this a great visit and rumour has it ther

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