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13 Apr 2016

Club Night at the Deanwater - IAM Assessments

Allan Crosby reports on an evening with the Institute of Advanced Motorists

In an interactive meeting, twelve of the Region’s Club members volunteered to expose their driving skills to visiting assessors from the local Congleton branch of the IAM.


One of the main judgements was that the driving skills of the members were, not too surprisingly, very good. There were a few “speeding” comments (which could have been forecast), in contrast to some observations that members could have increased their speed up to the permitted limits more quickly than they did. Overall it was a most enjoyable evening, and it is anticipated that R5 will reciprocate by attending one of IAM’s meetings  -  probably on either 22 June or 27 July, so watch this space for further details.

Thanks go to John Twigg and his team for helping to make the meeting a success. There were many comments about how the members enjoyed the experience and what a useful exercise it had proved; as a result, it looks as though the IAM may soon benefit from some new members.

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