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Sportscar Together Day June 2018 Gallery

Celebrating 70 years of Porsche

Sportscar Together Day 9th June 2018

The first sports car to bear the Porsche name was registered on 8th June, 1948; It was the 356, the car which turned Ferry Porsche’s dream of a sports car into a reality. A reality our members are still enjoying today.
Porsche enthusiasts worldwide celebrated this anniversary across the weekend with Sportscar Together Days. R3 members were all invited to celebrate with Porsche Centre Teesside. Our members offered their cars to create a display of models through the eras, from a 356, to early air cooled and more modern 911s, transaxle models and mid-engined Boxsters and Caymans. The cars created lots of interest, evoking memories for many visitors (and even some staff). The day was a great family fun day, with Porsche Teesside putting on entertainment throughout the day; driving simulators, photo booth,  mini kids driving school, a bouncy castle and face-painting (which appealed to children & adults alike!)

Sportscar Together Day June 2018 gallery contains 28 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from June 2018

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