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Region 3 WOTY to the Lakes May 2014. Gallery

Our 2014 trip to the Lakes WOTY

Region 3 Weekend of the Year to the Lakes

Extract from Chris Metthams report in the Porsche post:

On Sunday we had one of the highlights of the weekend, a trip to Samlesbury Hall near Preston. When we arrived (first this time as we had gone for petrol and the rest had taken the wrong road, again!) we weren't immediately positive about the day trip location as it looks rather ordinary, but once inside and talking to the very knowledgeable staff (all dressed in historical garb) the house almost took on a life of it's own.

We had a lovely time wandering the house including the new Titanic exhibit before having delicious cake in their cafe and then an amazingly funny tour of the house by Janie the witch who spent almost 2 hours insulting everyone in a very funny and slightly smutty manner. Janie only met her match once she had dragged 'Father' Matthew (R3 member) from the crowd to play the role of a Catholic Priest. Matthew, a former inmate of a convent school, started by blessing the “congregation” (crowd) in perfect Latin, which set the tone for the double act to follow. I would go into more detail but I really don't think I would do it justice and I wouldn't want to wreck it for you, as I think everyone should go and see the house and tour for themselves.


Region 3 WOTY to the Lakes May 2014. gallery contains 19 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from May 2015

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