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Les Murray Memorial Drive August 2017 Gallery

A fundraising Sunday drive to honour a fellow R3 member.

Les Murray Memorial Drive  27th August 2017

On Christmas Day 2016 Leslie Murray, an R3 member, sadly passed away. Many of Les’ friends & fellow Club members hadn’t known that Les had suffered from Cystic Fibrosis. A heart & lung transplant when he was 30 changed his life and the following year he became the first heart & lung transplant patient to take part in the Great North Run. Les was always known for his “live life to the full” attitude, and that included getting out and driving his beloved 993. When Les, with his wife Alison, joined Porsche Club GB they found friends to share this passion with. It was these friends who decided to commemorate Les’ life on a memorial drive, whilst also fundraising for charity. It's difficult to sum up the impact that Les made in R3 in a few words but he was a truly inspirational guy who shared a common interest of cars with fellow R3 members. It was this common interest that brought R3 together for the drive. Even new members who hadn’t met Les soon understood his passion for his car, a car that led the drive for most of the way, driven by Kenny Robinson with Alison keeping him on the right route from the passenger seat. We received donations along the way from fellow car enthusiasts, from police officers who stopped to see what was going on, from bikers at Hartside Café and customers at Sally’s where we stopped for lunch, all inspired to donate when they heard Les’ story. We raised over £153 cash on the day, added to the online donations bringing our total to over £1000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust charity. Thank you to all those who donated or took part, we’ve also been asked to pass on heartfelt thanks from Alison and Les’ sister Melanie, who have both been overwhelmed by the support from R3.

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Les Murray Memorial Drive August 2017 gallery contains 21 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from January 2018

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