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Impromptu Drive to Hartside March 2017 Gallery

A spur of the moment drive very early on in the season

Impromptu Drive to Hartside – 19th March 2017

As March slowly passed by a few hardy members were chomping at the bit to get the season started and discussed the appetite for an early run. One of our members very kindly tested the water and added it to the forum, with very little response sadly, probably still just that little bit too early. Our drive started with lovely sunshine early on before turning quickly to showers then on to torrential rain, before finally returning to sun again. Perhaps a jet ski would have handled the conditions somewhat better than a 911 or even a Cayenne at some points. However, after battling through, on the crest of a wave, quite literally, as the roads turned to rivers, we all made it through Teesdale safely to Hartside, or at least we thought it was Hartside, the cloud was so low it was hard to see anything, and on to Cumbria for lunch and sunshine. It is often said that if we planned for the weather in this country we would all just stay at home. This was one such day.

Impromptu Drive to Hartside March 2017 gallery contains 6 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from May 2017

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