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Harrogate Christmas Market Gallery

Just because it’s winter and there may be salt on the roads doesn’t mean we can’t get out and have some fun, we just decided to leave the Porsches at home (except for a few Cayennes) and explore a Christmas Market.

Harrogate Christmas Market November 2016

We met at Washington Services for a quick coffee and headed off for Harrogate. We found spaces in the multi-story car park – not our usual choice of parking, admittedly. After a quick wander around the market and the purchase of a few carefully selected Christmas presents most of us escaped the crush of the crowds in the Fat Badger to defrost. We considered Betty’s Tearoom for lunch but the queues put us off. Instead we headed out of town to the Nelson Inn for a late Sunday Lunch before heading for home. We all enjoy getting the cars out but it just goes to show what a social bunch we are in the North East. Even when the weather doesn’t suit the Porsches we can still meet up and enjoy a social event.

Harrogate Christmas Market gallery contains 6 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from March 2017

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