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Croft Trackday August 2019 Gallery

Porsche Club GB Trackday at Croft Circuit

Croft Trackday 21st August 2019

Porsche Club has successfully run a programme of Porsche trackdays for the past 20 years. This year at our local trackday, Croft, “the home of British motorsport in the north”, was fully booked quickly. Recognising some of the Porsches on track as some of these gleaming in the sunshine at our Witton Castle show just days earlier demonstrates just how much these cars are loved and enjoyed.

Club days are organised at approved race circuits in order that Club members can drive their Porsche in a safe, controlled environment. With Porsche Club trackdays you can forget about the restrictions of the public road – these days are about you, your Porsche and a race circuit. Above all, they provide an opportunity for owners to have fun and enjoy their cars at a speed they find comfortable. There is never any pressure to go faster, just to enjoy the experience. Spectators are welcome too, quite often this year's spectators become next year’s participants.

Croft Trackday August 2019 gallery contains 8 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from August 2019

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