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A Trip to Stuttgart October 2018 Gallery

A trial run to Stuttgart using public transport

A Trip to Stuttgart 19th – 22nd October 2018

When R3 member David Chapman announced that he was planning a trip to Stuttgart, several other members asked to tag along too. We looked on this as a trial run for a future Porsche Pilgrimage using public transport. We took advantage of cheap flights from Manchester, stayed in a hotel close to the station and used the train to visit the Porsche Museum, Mercedes Factory and Porsche Factory over a long weekend.

David has been several times now which allowed us to utilise his knowledge of the area. We are now quietly confident that it is something that we would be happy to try and put together as an R3 event in 2019, if there is enough interest. Approximate costs for our trip, per couple, came in under £500 including flights, hotel, rail travel and museum entry, from Friday to Monday.  Thanks again to David Chapman, if ever he fancies a career change he should seriously consider becoming a tour rep!

A Trip to Stuttgart October 2018 gallery contains 12 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from January 2019

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