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Northern Ireland

255 Porsche Club GB members

The Northern Ireland Region (R27) is your place to be in 2020 if you have a passion for Porsche!

Recent PCGB ‘Region of the Year' we are a family friendly and welcoming group of over 250 Porsche enthusiasts. While the majority of members live in Northern Ireland we are delighted to have support from members in the Republic of Ireland – together, making our Region truly international.

Our shared passion for Porsche creates the pulse of the Region. If you are not yet a member of the club that sits at the heart of Porsche ownership and enjoyment then the good news is that we are just a phone call away!

Irrespective of individual Porsche ownership, you are guaranteed a warm and genuine welcome.

We offer around 27 events every year. These are a combination of monthly meetings (which alternate each month between Lisburn and Carrickfergus). Our Drive Season offers organised drives every month from March to October. These include at least one extended drive of three or more days.

We also benefit from enormous support from Porsche Centre Belfast - the ‘home’ of Porsche in Northern Ireland.

Our monthly meetings are informal, friendly and act as a forum for members to bring forward ideas and thoughts to fuel our very active Region. They also offer members an opportunity to catch up with the latest news from the Club, which incidentally with our overall membership now around 23,000 makes PCGB the biggest in Europe!

We have at least one event every month of the year. Our programme goes ‘Turbo’ in February when we host our annual pre-season dinner and awards evening.

With some of the best and most picturesque roads in the United Kingdom our monthly ‘Drive’ programme begins around Saint Patrick’s Day and runs to end of October.

During the drive season we visit each county in Northern Ireland and we aim to have at least one cross-border event. Last year our 2019 drive programme clocked up around 2700 miles!

Slightly, further afield, we regularly attend national events such as Silverstone Classic during the summer months and the NEC Classic Motor Show in November.

Our key event each year for members is our ‘Northern Ireland Festival of Porsche’. Always a very special event, this year it will take place in the grounds of Hillsborough Castle. Members will come together to display their cars and enjoy the other attractions on offer including friendly chat and a display of vehicles courtesy of Porsche Centre Belfast.

We have longstanding relationships with other locally based clubs and during the year we attend some joint events, however, while we always enjoy meeting our fellow ‘petrol-heads’, the focus in the Region is always clearly on Porsche, everything Porsche!

If you are already a member, thank you for your valuable support, if not, then come and meet us without any obligation - the coffee is free!

The dates of our meetings can be found here. Or just get in touch for a chat!

I am confident that if you have a passion for Porsche you will want to be a member of Porsche Club Great Britain. In Northern Ireland that’s Region 27!

Join us and enjoy a wide range of members benefits, including discounts on genuine Porsche parts, classic car insurance, tyres and plenty more.

Fuel your passion for Porsche by being part of what is widely recognised as the best car club in Europe representing, what we believe to be the best marque in the World.


Our monthly meetings alternate between Lisburn and Newtownabbey. Monthly drive events are held from March to October.

Region 27 - 27 events every year


Monthly in different locations

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My story began in 1996 when I bought my cherished 944 and joined the club! I’ve been RO since 2010 and look forward to saying hello to you in person.


  • John Hilditch


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