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03 Sep 2020

Photos by Porsche AG

The new six-pot GTS 4.0

After four years of four-pots, a series 718 finally arrives with six cylinders. Matt Master asks if the wait was worth it

When the 718 Cayman and Boxster arrived in 2016 they were greeted with mixed feelings. Fitted with turbocharged 2.0- and 2.5-litre flat-fours, the 982 generation was deemed to be at best a letdown, at worst some sort of betrayal of the very essence of Porsche. Near universal opprobrium in the mainstream motoring press centred around the absence of that trademark flat-six sound.
Fast-forward four years and here we are with a brace of six-cylinder 718s in unlimited series production. The newly launched GTS 4.0 uses a slightly detuned version of the naturally aspirated 9A2 Evo engine from the GT4 and Spyder, itself a derivation of the twin-turbocharged unit currently powering all standard 992 gen 911s. People are understandably excited. This is not just a sixer, it’s a GT engine of sorts – in a regular, road-biased mid-priced Porsche.

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