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Sim Racing Resources

We’re putting together a collection of resources to help you understand what’s involved in Sim Racing and how to join our Championship. Remember, you can find our in-depth guide to getting started here.

Join the conversation

If you get going with iRacing, or you’re already a keen sim racer, get in touch with us on the Club forum. You'll also find access to our Discord chatroom where informal track sessions are announced - available here.  

How realistic is Sim Racing?

The quality of sim racing software and hardware is improving at a rapid rate, and aside from not being able to feel all of the motion of a real-life car, sim racing is one of the closest to real-life, of all the gaming options out there.


Video Series

Cost of Racing

The proposed eight-week season one championship will feature seven paid-for tracks and one already included within your iRacing subscription. If you don’t already have access to these circuits, then the cost of purchasing them will be approximately £100, plus an additional £15 should you need to buy a 911 Cup Car. If however you were to purchase all the time items at the same time, you can take advantage of the bundle discounts offered by iRacing – 10% for 3-5 items and 15% for six or more items.


A copy of the Porsche Club Sim Racing rulebook can be found here.