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Race Etiquette

1. We have a very eclectic group
We have experienced real-life racers, we have first time sim racers. We have combinations of the two — it's quite the mixed bag. Sometimes things aren't going to pan out the way you'd expect in a race filled with either experienced real-life racers or iRacing SoFs of 3k+. Please be patient with this situation.

2. Be pleasant to other drivers
Nobody is trying to do badly, most drivers are probably doing the best they can, and they’re probably just as excited as you are about racing. Saying "no problem!" to the person apologising for taking you out speaks volumes.

3. Be patient with other drivers
Don’t dive bomb. A frantic last-ditch attempt at racing glory usually results in taking out not only yourself but any number of other cars. Nobody will thank you for it, and point 2 will get tested to its limits.

4. Rejoining the track
Don’t rejoin the track by…

• backing onto it, unless there is no alternative
• driving in front of another competitor and ruining their race
• darting back onto the track without a clear, long view of the racing surface behind you

Have the relative black-box (keyboard shortcut, F3) up, look at it. If there's a car only a couple of seconds away pause before rejoining.

5. Compliment
It's nice to find out you did something well. When someone does a classy pass, tell them postrace. Same with a smart move in heavy traffic. Some of the best bits of bunch racing is in the post-race discussion and story sharing. Join our digital paddock on Discord and enjoy the offtrack discussion too.

6. Sporting behaviour
These are not obligatory expectations, but it would be nice to see such things happen by driver's choice:

• If you believe you have gained a position on a competitor unjustly, pull off to the side in a safe spot and allow them to take the position back
• If you spin a fellow competitor or cause an incident with their car, pull off to the side in a safe spot and allow them to take the position back
• If you crash a fellow competitor and cause them to retire from the race, electively retire your car from the race