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PCGB Sim Series 6 2023. Rules and Regulations

1. General:

1.1 The Porsche Club of Great Britain Sim Racing Group promotes and runs the PCGB Sim Series. This Series will comprise of 8 rounds and the points accumulated from each round will count towards the PCGB Sim Series Championship.
2. Calendar 2023 Season 6:
Round Tracks Format Dates
1 Sebring International  Endurance with pit stops 6th September 
2 Red Bull Ring (Grand Prix) Sprint /Feature 20th September 
3 Hungaroring Sprint/Feature 4th October
4 Fuji (Grand Prix) Endurance with pit stops 18th October
5 Mount Panorama Sprint /Feature 1st November
6 Detroit Sprint /Feature 15th November
7 Zandvoort Sprint/ Feature 29th November
8 Le Mans 24hrs Endurance with pit stops 13th December
  1. League Organisers:
  • Organiser: Steve Kershaw
  • Organiser: Paul Goffin
  • Organiser: Rob Sharp
  • Organiser: Mark Phillips
  • Organiser: Mathew Dorrington
  • Organiser: Gavin Halls
  • Organiser: Carl Sharkey
4. Classes:
4.1       PCGB Sim Series will consist of the following classes
  • Pro
  • Am
4.2 You will be placed in a class depending on your performance at a qualifying event. Details will be provided on Discord.
4.3 Any driver judged by the stewards to be too fast for the AM class, i.e. performing noticeably above their competitors in race conditions for the first 3 rounds of the series will be moved up to the Pro class automatically and receive a 20 championship point deduction.

5. PCGB Membership:
5.1 All competitors in the PCGB Sim Series must hold a current/valid PCGB Membership/Family membership throughout the entirety of the series.

5.2 The minimum age for entry is 14 on the date of the first qualifying session.

6. Championship:
6.1 The number of events in the series is set to 8 rounds utilizing the iRacing platform.
6.2 Each round will utilize the Porsche 911 GT3R. A Maximum of 40 cars will be admitted per round. Series registration/entry will be given priority in the order below.
  1. Have competed in a previous year’s championship and scored points
  2. Have competed in previous rounds of the championship
  3. New entrants
 6.3 Entries for the series will close on August 23rd.
6.4 There will be 2 race formats:
Session Length Start
Practice 50 mins 7.30pm
Qualifying (3 laps solo) 10 mins Approx 8.20pm
Sprint 15 mins Approx 8.30pm
Break 5 mins Approx 8.45pm
Feature 25 mins Approx 8.50pm
Session Length Start
Practice 40 mins 7.30pm
Qualifying (combined) 25 mins Approx 8.10pm
Break 5 mins Approx 8.35pm
Final 1 hr Approx 8.40pm
6.5 The 2023 PCGB Sim Series Pro and AM drivers’ titles will be awarded to the drivers who have scored the highest number of points in each category during the 2023 season.
6.6 Points will only count for 7 of the 8 proposed rounds. Each driver may drop their worst score across the season.

6.7 Drivers must take part in at least one of the four opening rounds of the championship to be eligible to attend the second half of the season. This is purely to keep driving standards consistent across the grid.

6.8 To be eligible to score points, drivers must be classified as running by iRacing at the end of a race.

6.9 The feature race in the sprint/feature race formats will have a reverse grid start. The top 20 finishers in the sprint race will be reversed to determine the start order for the Feature race.

6.10 Points will be awarded in different ways for each type of event.
Sprint/Feature races will be scored as follows:
Pro and Am
scored by
(not overall
finishing position)
Position Points
1 15
2 12
3 10
4 7
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 3
9 2
10 1
Pro and Am
scored by
(not overall
finishing position)
Position Points
1 20
2 18
3 16
4 14
5 12
6 10
7 9
8 8
9 7
10 6
11 5
12 4
13 3
14 2
15 1
Endurance races will be scored as follows:
Pro and Am
scored by
(not overall
finishing position)
Position Points
1 25
2 22
3 20
4 18
5 16
6 15
7 14
8 13
9 12
10 11
11 10
12 9
13 8
14 7
15 6
16 5
17 4
18 3
19 2
20 1
6.11 Should an event be suspended due to ‘force majeure’ i.e. the event is cancelled by the organisers due to technical issues, the following will happen depending on time of cancellation:
  • Before qualifying has started - organizers will try to reschedule that round towards the end of the season
  • Before sprint/feature/endurance race has finished - the feature race points system will be used to award points as per the qualifying positions
  • If a race is run to completion and the organisers have not previously issued any notice of cancellation then the results will stand.  If the organisers decide to cancel the race once it is in progress, then this must be announced to all drivers using the iRacing voice comms before the race finishes.  Such action would typically only be taken if a serious technical issue impacting a significant portion (typically 20%) of the field has occurred.
6.12 Should two or more drivers finish the series with the same number of points then the championship will be awarded to the driver that has secured:
  • The greatest number of wins
  • If the number of wins is the same, the greatest number of second places will be used
  • If the number of second places is the same, the greatest number of third places, and so on until a winner emerges.
6.13 The organisers reserve the right to reject the registration of any participant without specifying the reason.

7. The event will start with a practice session at 7.30pm.
7.1 All series races will use a standing start procedure.
7.2 All series races will use the medium downforce set up for the GT3R. Fuel will be limited to 50 litres.

8. Conduct and Demeanor (Code of Conduct):
8.1 Discord and Social Channels. Drivers are responsible for the conduct of themselves and anyone linked with them (Team members, Family) during the course of the series.
8.2 Drivers are to act in a professional and friendly manner at all times during the series.
8.3 At all times Drivers must obey all directions from the organizers of the event.
9. Driving Etiquette:
9.1 The league will be run without any penalty system apart for the iRacing penalties. Entrants will be expected to be courteous and sporting when incidents do arise and give places back if any advantage was gained due to collisions caused by them.  

9.2 IRacing incident points. Once a competitor reaches 17 incident points, they will need to serve a drive through penalty, and another after every additional 5 incident points.

9.3 There will be 2 fast repairs available in each sprint and feature, and 2 for the endurance races.

9.4 At all times on track during official series rounds drivers must:
  • Give sufficient racing room to those around them. This will be judged as at least a cars width between their own car and the track limits (see 10) when in “close quarters” racing. Sufficient room is defined as the width of a RSR Cars rear wing (widest part of the car)
  • Not rejoin the track from the grass of the run off areas in front of other cars that are on track, forcing them to: brake or make evasive maneuvers to avoid an incident, go off track, cause a collision.
  • Give back any positions made by causing excessive contact during an overtake. Excessive contact is judged as that which hinders a competitor’s line/speed, forces them off track, or forces a spin.
  • Take a drive-through penalty if you cause a collision on the opening lap (Lap1) of a race which results in competitor/s spinning or going off track. The penalty must be served at the earliest opportunity.
  • Only use the race iRacing voice channel for the purpose of overtaking slower cars/directing faster drivers as they overtake you.
  • Defending, more than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. Any driver moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended his position offline, should leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track (Rule 10.) on the approach to the corner. However, manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are strictly prohibited.
9.5 At all times all competitors must make use of TWO of the following tools to aid their judgment of other cars around them.
  • Relative screen (F3 on Keyboard)
  • Race Lab Apps Radar
  • Crew Chief Spotter
9.6 At all times during official race sessions competitors must have the iRacing voice channel activated and working so they can hear directions from officials/other drivers and communicate back via a push to talk button.
 10. Track Limits Definition
10.1 In normal racing cases the track limits will be defined as per the iRacing automated limits, incident points and slow downs.
10.2 In cases of close quarters racing contact and defining what is acceptable racing room, the track limits will be defined by the solid white lines located on the left and right side of the track surface. Curbs, run off areas, grass and gravel are not considered track limits.

11. Paints and Championship decals:
11.1 All drivers must display current championship decals at all times during official race sessions. These will be circulated before the first race. You must ensure that the decals are displayed on your car or risk disqualification.
12. Prizes
12.1 Prizes for winning the championship will be awarded to the first three drivers in each category. If you won a prize last season, you will not be eligible to win a prize this season. In this case, the prize will be awarded to the next person who did not win a prize last season.