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02 May 2023

Photos by Gary Hawkins

Woods Foodservice and Porsche Club Motorsport Boxster Cup Brands Hatch GP

Round 2 Brands Hatch Results

Woods Foodservice Porsche Club Motorsport Boxster Cup it was a double for Jonny Lovell, now on three wins in four races, Vikram Sudera second in the opening race. Towards the end of the sunny afternoon a great lead battle between Lovell and Tom Andrew was only settled when the latter spun, rejoining with enough in hand still to claim second in their second race. 

Race One
A busy first lap for the opening Boxster Cup race saw poleman Lovell lead the field away, as a storming start from Vikram Sudera saw him pass front row starter Tom Andrew to slot into second, with Perry Darling and Mike Thomson also passing Andrew, Thompson claiming third from Darling at Graham Hill Bend. All the drama behind gave Lovell a lead of over a second at the end of the opening lap, Sudera second with a smaller gap back to Thompson and Darling, Andrew in fifth.

Lovell was the quickest car on the track in the early laps and extended his lead, as behind Sudera the gaps varied as Thompson, Darling and Andrew jostled for position, Andrew looking inside Darling at Surtees on lap four but unable to get past. His chance came a lap later at Darling went wide at Druids and Andrew was past, and a lap later Andrew was running side-by-side with Thompson at the back of the circuit but was forced to tuck back in and remained fourth.

Andrew dived inside Thompson at Paddock Hill Bend heading into lap seven, but Thompson was able to get back inside him at Druids to reclaim third, Darling right with them. Thompson and Andrew were trading fastest laps as they started to close on Sudera, who in turn was closing on Lovell. 

At the end of the 14 laps Lovell still had two seconds in hand, Sudera just clear of Thompson with Andrew fourth ahead of Darling. In sixth was Sarah Thomson, who had dropped to eighth on the opening lap before climbing back up the order.

“When I had enough of a lead, I felt I could back off a bit,” said Lovell. “I could see them in my mirrors and watching the gap, and I’m over the moon to win on this circuit with a good crowd here watching today.” 

“The car was so good, and I just went for it,” said Sudera. “The car stuck everywhere I put it and we had great pace, I felt really good round the back of the circuit. I had the guys behind me getting closer than falling away as they battled, and Mike Thompson was right with me at the end, and I just held on.” 

Race Two
Lovell led the field away at the start of race two with Andrew second but was greeted by the safety car at the end of the opening lap as Faye Noble-Evans had been tagged heading into the first corner was stranded at the inside of the circuit. Racing resumed as they headed into lap three, the front two pulling away from third placed Darling, who had Mike Thompson right with him.

On lap six Thompson got past Darling at Druids, and a lap later a charging Sarah Thomson was into sixth, passing Sudera as they went through Dingle Dell. At the front Lovell got loose at Paddock Hill Bend which allowed Andrew past, Lovell immediately trying to regain the lead at Surtees but Andrew holding sway. 

The key moment in the race came later that lap as the lead pair passed a backmarker at Westfield corner, Andrew having to take a tighter line than the optimum and spinning on the exit allowing Lovell past, Andrew re-joining in second. They finished the ten laps in that order, Lovell taking his second win of the day from Andrew and Thompson, Darling fourth with Thomson passing Ashley White in the last corner to take fifth.  

“That was hard work but really enjoyable, I think Tom had that if he hadn’t spun,” said Lovell. “I had to go across the grass to miss him but if our battle carries on all year then it is going to be some great racing. This has always been my favourite circuit in the country, so I am still on cloud nine to have taken two wins here.”

Woods Foodservice Porsche Club Motorsport Boxster Cup
Race One
1 Jonathan Lovell (Boxster S) 14 Laps
2 Vikram Sudera (Boxster S) +2.749s
3 Mike Thompson (Boxster S)
4 Tom Andrew (Boxster S)
5 Perry Darling (Boxster S)
6 Sarah Thomson (Boxster S).
Fastest Lap: Andrew 1m25.609 (82.94mph).

Race Two:
1 Lovell 10 Laps
2 Andrew +5.142s
3 Thompson
4 Darling
5 Thomson
6 White.
Fastest lap: Andrew 1m43.936s (84.28mph)

Next Races: Anglesey Circuit, Wales, May 20th and 21st