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09 Mar 2023

Photos by Mark Morgan

New look for the 2023 season with artist Mark Morgan

Reviving Past Porsche Race Posters. 

With our Motorsport season fast approaching many of you would have seen the artwork produced for each of our disciplines this year. For those who haven’t, it’s the collaboration of Motorsport Development Manager Chris Pruden along with artist Mark Morgan of Triple Espresso. 

We wanted to create something a bit different this year to mimic what Porsche produced for different Championships over the ages and with Mark's help I think you would all agree, we nailed it! said Chris.

Mark is a very well-known artist in the Porsche community with his fine renderings being produced on limited prints, posters, T-shirts and even coffee cups!

With top commissions coming from around the world which includes Porsche racing legend, Patrick Long, with a Porsche air-cooled timeline created live at Luftgekult 4 for Porsche Classic USA. Now on display at Porsche US headquarters Atalanta. 

Click here to view more of his amazing creations and follow @triplespressomm on Instagram.