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Turbo 'S' Oil Change


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Porsche recommendation is an oil change after 20k miles or 2 years. Over the many years I've owned and driven Porsche cars, my preference has for been more frequent changes. My current Turbo 'S' had its first oil change at 2k miles (chassis aligned then too BTW) and it's been done annually ever since - so on its 4th change in just 3 years.

This is a job I usually did myself at one time, but I'm less inclined nowadays. The thought of scrabbling around beneath a car, hot oil dripping on my neck and then having to find somewhere to dispose of the old oil and filter no longer fills me with the ambition it used. 🥴 But I'm lucky, I have a friend who's been a Porsche specialist Indy for many years, is a Porsche trained technician and who I was able to entrust with the job.

There's little doubt the cost of this process has increased substantially over the last few years with many threads here reporting on horrific charges for this work. Here's what it cost me for what it's worth and may be helpful to others.

The filter kit I purchased direct from my PC. Warranty dictates a Porsche approved oil filter is used. You can get the 10% Club discount, of course. Oil is worth shopping around for since prices and supply seem to vary a lot. I originally ordered from a Yorkshire firm recommended by a forum subscriber, but this outlet was unable to supply for 3 weeks. The particular oil I required seemed in short supply atm since several of my usual suppliers were also out of stock. 992's are now fitted with gas particulate filters and need special green label Mobil 1. Anyway, I eventually took a chance and bought off Ebay and was lucky. The order went in on day 1 and the correct oil arrived the very next day - so happy days and all was well! 👍🏼

Oil (10 litres) £112.25 (delivered)
Filter £25.01 + VAT
'O' ring £6.17 +VAT
Sump plug £5.32 + VAT
Labour £50
Grand total £206.05

Draining the oil hot means you'll need 8 litres of fresh oil to replenish, and will then have around 2 litres left for future top ups. In practice, try putting in around 7 litres, then drive the car until warmed up. The dashboard oil gauge may not register right way, but once warm and with the ignition turned off and on a couple of times, you should see the level on the PCM gauge and can calculate how much more is required to fill. Difference between min and max on the Turbo 'S' PCM gauge is around 1 litre (1.3l on some other models).
Take care not to over fill though. 😉


Nice bit of info Clive :cool:

I work at a Honda dealership and the difference between retail prices and staff prices at cost + 10% makes getting stuff done at work a veritable bargain 😊

I had my CR-V serviced and the bulk oil worked out at about £3/litre.
Oil and filter service on the wife's MINI Cooper S - £65 😉

Oil @ £10/litre is about what any franchised dealer charges at least so to get it at that price for the proper stuff for you Turbo is alright!

And to think a few years ago an OPC wanted to charge me £750 for an oil & filter service on my old Boxster!
Just had a quote for major service on my 992 Turbo S, only covered 7000 miles in 4 years, the PC want £2300. Wow... only got 6 spark plugs good job it's not a V12... getting in to Lamborghini costs!! Anyone else let me know if this is what they have been charged??
Got to pay to play... especially if you want to maintain the warranty.

There's a reason Porsche is the most profitable car manufacturer ...
I realise there is always a cost to pay, but my previous GT3 and Turbo S we're never in this price bracket...!!

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