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The Porsche 924 FAQ

Welcome to 'The Porsche 924 FAQ". The aim of the FAQ is to answer some questions which crop up time and time again on the forum, to reduce the number of duplicate postings. If you're new to the forum, please read through the FAQs before you start a new thread, you might find the answers to those questions right here!

There is also a lot of information which has been posted by various knowledgeable forum members but now deleted, or buried. This FAQ should also act as a place to store these informative posts in one easy-to-find place.

If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions for new questions, or just want to discuss anything in the FAQ, please do not post to this thread, but use the "FAQ discussion" thread, in order to keep the FAQ neat and tidy.

Credits for this FAQ will be compiled as details are added.


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How much was my 924 when new?
How many types of 924 exist?
History of the Register
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My fuel pump has stopped working, how do I fix it?
What tyres are available for my 924 2 litre (non turbo)?
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Other causes of starting problems
My odometer no longer records mileage, can I fix it?
How do I fix the cracking on my dashboard?
Will my 924 run on unleaded petrol?
What MPG can I expect from my 924?
What colours and trim were standard equipment for my car when it was new?
How do I trace the history of my car?
How rare is my car?
How do I trace the history of my car
Firstly look closely at the information you have already, if you have service history, and the cars service book - note the name and address where the car was worked on; you may be able to contact a Porsche Centre (or specialist) to see if the car is on record with them - Note also owners names, dates and mileages on reciepts.

Look at old MOT forms and old tax discs, note where they were issued and mileages on them. Look for changes of registration plates.

Go HERE to check your cars MOT status online.
Find where the cars registration plate was issued HERE.

Write to the DVLA for a list of previous owners - there is a fee (£5 fee at time of writing) for this.
Expect to wait a few months for a result, and often copies of documents can be of variable quality, but usually the information you need can be gathered.

Contact me on and I will send you a Certificate of Authenticity Order Form which you need to fill in and send to Porsche Cars GB - Current Porsche Club GB Members will then be sent a Certificate Free of Charge (normal price £65.00 at the time of writing! 10/2011)

You can also contact Porsche Cars direct at:
Porsche Cars Great Britain Limited, Bath Road, Calcot, Reading, RG31 7SE or email and Fax 01189 165199. Telephone 01189 191744.

How rare is my car

Take at a look at a new 2011 resource How Many Left

What official Porsche brochures exist on the 924

Porsche 924 - 924 Turbo Farben und Innenausstattung '81 [Colours and interior] (WVK 1105 14)
Green cover, 8 sided chart

Porsche 924 - 924 Turbo (WVK 110820 - 1981 model year)
Green cover, 32 pages with 2 fold out pages, illustrated
features car registrations:
2 litre:
S DY 4659 (green with side repeaters)
S DR 8791 (green no side repeaters)
S DY 4658 (red with side repeaters)
S DN 1652 (red no side repeaters)
S 04415 (two tone US spec car)

Porsche 924 - 924 Turbo Technical Data 1981 (WVK 110820)
White (4 pages)

Porsche Service - Service Workshops
Edition No.18 - 4/1982

Porsche 924 Driver's Manual - Maintenance Record '83 (WKD 471 520 - 2 M 7/82 - 1983 Edition)
Green cover

Official Porsche Centre Car Plan Handbook - Approved Used Cars (WG49/8/85)

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