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The Motorist - 21st May - Travel Plans


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Afternoon everyone

Thank you all who attended our club night last Wednesday at Beamish.

Many people mentioned they were going to the event at The Motorist on Sunday 21st May and would like to travel down together.

I'm helping set up at the venue so unfortunately won't be able to travel down with you all. The plan was to meet up at Washington Services at 8am with a plan to leave at 8.15am sharp. There cars meeting here are then heading on to Wetherby Services which is expected to take 1hr 15mins with current roadworks etc (please be careful through the current 50mph average speed section just after the A68 and goes on till after Piercebridge).

Arriving at Wetherby around 9.30am, the members joining the pack here will be ready and waiting so unless an emergency this will be an in and out operation. The Motorist is then roughly 30 minutes further down the road so hopefully arriving for approx 10am when the venue will be fully open.

Any questions or problems with the above, please feel free to comment below or call me and we'll discuss.

Safe travels everyone and I'll see you down there


See you at Wetherby. Hoping a few of us ‘southerners’ might still be meeting at Scotch Corner to travel down 😀👍

Paulgts said:
See you at Wetherby. Hoping a few of us ‘southerners’ might still be meeting at Scotch Corner to travel down 😀👍
I was going to raise this before Dave’s Wetherby plan, and perhaps some of you are more up to date, but wasn’t there a problem with cameras etc at Scotch Corner? You used to have to go in and buy a coffee or whatever to get a “pass” for the car park.

Not aware of that at all Gordon, I use Scotch Corner a lot and never heard of a pass system.

……well you can PAY, of course! Or is there a ‘free’ period? …..and are we talking about the same thing - Scotch Corner Hotel?

Right! As per my edit, people were talking about the hotel side. Services makes perfect sense.

You’ll have to ignore me, Paul, I can see that I was getting confused! There is a hotel at the services too. Apologies!

Ah yes, you certainly have to pay at Scotch Corner Hotel, they are pretty sharp with it too 😉😀

Suggest the guys meeting at Wetherby do so in the Costa car park just before the petrol station. We did this previously and it worked a lot better than traipsing round the main car park and it’s one way systems.

Right, having originally asked about meeting up, we'll not now be at Washington. . .'daan' South the night before and staying south, so see you there at The Motorist . . .

Cheers all,

Paul and Wendy

Looking forward to this one,

My son and I will be travelling down from Hartlepool, so will aim to meet up at Scotch Corner. Do we have a rough eta (09:00-09:15)?



Woodmeister said:
Looking forward to this one,

My son and I will be travelling down from Hartlepool, so will aim to meet up at Scotch Corner. Do we have a rough eta (09:00-09:15)?


I'm aiming to be there at 8:30, heading off about 8:45

I'll be going but not sure at the moment on where and when. Don't wait at any of the meet up points for me but I may well be at Scotch Corner.

You have probably read the email, but just a reminder that you need to print out your voucher if you want to take advantage of the food (breakfast or lunch) as they need to physically take the voucher from you.

See you bright an early chaps. :)

A few of us from the Teesside area are meeting up at Exelby services about nine miles south of Middlesborough on the A19 at 8:25 leaving at 8:40 to travel to Wetherby services and meet up with the others.

Anyone is welcome to join us.

Drive around the petrol station to the small car park where the café used to be.


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