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The modifications continue - Manthey coilovers incoming...

Hi John,

I’m not familiar with the TracTive offerings but they look like serious fully adjustable coil-overs in the KW mould, etc., and therefore could be more suitable for track use rather than fast road driving.

I would think that something like the Bilstein B4 or B6 Damptronics would be a better [safer?] bet for your requirements, and since Bilstein are Porsche’s OE supplier probably they’d be more in tune with your CGTS’s chassis from the start?

Maybe you should contact Chris at Centre Gravity to get some experienced guidance?

A friend in R24 is also looking for a similar refresh on his 997.2 with PASM after experiencing a front damper leak, so I’ll let you know what he’s decided as and when. Someone who responded to his post has fitted some B4 Damptronics with positive results:

Thank you both. Being lucky enough to live with easy access to the Yorkshire moors, Dales and further north west, most of my fun driving is on fairly bumpy roads. More tarmac rallying than track! So I want to keep the standard ride height and greater suspension travel which has meant that I have not had any issues with grounding. Normal is fine for comfort on motorways etc. Whilst Sport+ does tighten up control a bit, it does not really go far enough and I would like to take this a stage further. Perhaps the solution is to stick with Bilstein and add a DSC box.

I think the fun part is working out what best suits the use you put the car to. It is really helpful to hear the different approaces and experiences on here.


(Incidentally, we got the Yaris with the circuit pack which gave us the locking diffs and other useful bits, but also with track orientated suspension. Consequently it gives a wild ride on the moors, bouncing from one bump to another and leaving occupants wishing they had full harnesses!! )
I am late to this but really pleased that the KW shocks are going well and am not surprised.

They really transformed 981 GT4, making the higher speed ride more firm but fluid. They have helped give me more confidence with my hillclimbing too. I have recently uprated my springs (with input from Manthey) to 20kg/mm higher at each end (now 80/100) but same shocks, just a mod to rebound. It's disappointing to read the news on the price though - as these cars start to behave normally and depreciate - v. few are going to be willing to go full MR and benefit from its R&D out of the box.

I've been so pleased with them that my 4RS will have the huge luxury applied ot it too (just shocks and brakelines) and my 981 GT4 MR will be going up for sale later in the Summer.

Have you experimented with the bump/rebound settings or just gone with MR settings (as I have done).
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Hi Snowy :)

I'm on the supplied settings for now, and plan on staying on them for the rest of the year. That way I can try them out on a variety of circuits and roads, then I'll have a ponder over winter as to whether I feel I need to change anything. I suspect the standard "Nurburgring" settings are a happy medium for UK roads and 5 or 6 track days a year.

Congrats on the GT4RS by the way!
Thank you. It's a big step financially from a car that I really love but the chance to spec one (without Weissach package which I just really don't like), have a manufacturers warranty (inc. covering the MR shocks) and run it in myself came up and I therefore have jumped at it.....
A manual with slightly longer gearing might calm it down a bit, which would suit me just fine!

Although, truth be told, the regular GT4 (especially with the MR coilovers) is more than enough car for me and my use. I personally don't need faster, or the finance albatross round my neck ;)

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