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Radio wiring - any help?


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Evening gents, trying to figure out how to install a radio into my 1985 - the previous owner at some point took matters into his own hands and gutted it. I’ve had a look at the wiring diagrams but none of what is poking out of that hole seems to match up! The male to female connector on the left of the photo has been snipped, where it would have led into the radio.

Any advice? I have more photos if needed, but all the wires present are shown in the ones above.
Hi and welcome .
First of all which model do you have ? is it a 1985 series 1 or 1985.5 series 2 ? that is always a good way to start when asking for help or information about your car

The Red wire with the fuse holder will always be your 12v+ live feed to the radio and it is fed from the Ignition switch when the ignition is turned on ... Check this by using your multi meter.

How many speakers do you have fitted ? If its just 2x door speakers then there will be 4x wires to those . You can simply remove the door speakers and check the colour of the speaker wires .
You can then use your multimeter in 200 ohms ,(continuity mode) ,you should now have a whistle when the probes are put together . Check which of the speaker wires correspond to which wires in your console. Thats 5x wires identified .

If you have also 2x rear speakers then do the same test to identify those 4x wires too.

You will have an earth or ground wire ,probably Black but so again use your multimeter set to continuity to find the wire that connects the radio to earth. There may be other wires going to that earth point.

Now you should have identified all the wires necessary to connect your radio.
All the other wires are for other components and most wiring looms have spare connecting blocks and loose wires in the console some of which are redundant.
The electrical diagrams are available in the WSM, which are available in PDF format from several sources (Google is your friend). The wiring diagrams have the colours for the various wires (note that the colours may possibly be in german shorthand e.g. GE = Yellow, from memory so you will need to translate)

The electrical diagrams are available in the WSM, which are available in PDF format from several sources (Google is your friend). The wiring diagrams have the colours for the various wires (note that the colours may possibly be in german shorthand e.g. GE = Yellow, from memory so you will need to translate)
Well even I don't know what WSM stands for and I've owned 4x Porsche over the past 20 years !
I googled Porsche WSM and all I found was endless links and websites for Porsche cars for sale at Western Super Mare :(
Surely there must be links somewhere where one can download wiring diagrams in English ?
I have a CD manual somewhere if I can find it I'll see if I can scan a schematic and post it.
doh ! it just didn't occur to me ...I hate acronyms .....why is it so hard to type the full words and provide a direct link to the diagram rather than provide links to a German site which the op has to scroll through to find something relevant ?

I don't need to google for a manual... I have many including a comprehensive workshop manual on CD's and several Bosch Fuel injection and engine management manuals and Bosch repairing supplement manuals :)

Presumably Paul hasn't had the sense to buy or download a workshop manual containing wiring schematics and has come here to get others to do it for him.

Anyway I have found my Porsche 944 CD manual , scanned the wiring diagram and posted it and have given constructive practical advice which should give him what he asked for
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Give a man a fish and he can feed himself for a day, give him a fishing rod and.... you get the gist :ROFLMAO:
If you are going for a modern instal, it might be better off to start from scratch, the fader wheel in the centre console is a throwback to the old days, modern head units will do that on-board. You can leave it in-situ, nobody will know it doesnt work.........All you need is either a pair of two core cables, one to each of the front/door speakers, or possibly retain the pair running to the rear side speakers if you want to retain them as well. All you need then is a fused live, preferably unswitched by the ignition, and an earth/ground back to one of the grounding terminals under the dashboard (or tagged to any metal point that has a good grounding)

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