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ian harvey

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Time for some more 10/40. Just wondered what you are using, I tend to swap it every 2500 miles or so, the question is whether or not a mid-priced, possibly semi-synthetic product is good enough, products like Castrol magnatec which I've happily used previously, Millers Trident/CFS/XFS/XSS or Comma Eurolite (Mobil anyway) or anything else.

Its a minefield and I don't want to start a major new thread, just looking for recommendations, please.
Millers Oils NANODRIVE CFS 10w-50 A very emotive subject Ian. Porsche recommend 10w-60 for the air cooled engines, fully synthetic reach a higher temperature before they breakdown, race/motorsport oils tend to have more additives that suit the pre 2000 engines.
Hi David, Thanks for the reply. Previous correspondence on this forum shows our fellows to be using mainly 10/40 or occasionally 10/50. My handbook allows a range but never as high as ../60. My service records indicate that 10/40 has been the main viscosity fed to my car over the years. I recall the thicker stuff once used made the car feel sluggish. Steve Brookes was quick to remove the 10/60 that he once used, reverting to 5/40, eager responses instantly restored. I don't have any leaks, btw. Anyway, I've bought some Millers CSS Semi Synthetic motorsport oil from the factory shop for a very favourable price (I was asked not to divulge). Its a newish product that is listed as suitable on the Millers site, I will swap it tomorrow, should be fine! Ian (See you at Blyton, David)
Hi Ian Castrol Magnatec 10/40 is more than adequate. That's what I used for my RS and Cup for years and they never missed a beat on road or track. Fully synthetic is a waste of money of a 964. Just my 2p. Damen
Damen, Agreed. There are some very expensive oils out there which is why I shopped around a little. I have used Magnatec recently and it seemed very good. The one I bought seems good, is also semi-synth and was a fair bit cheaper. This was the type of good value option that I was seeking to source via my post. Anglesey and Blyton trackdays are imminent, I'll feel happier with fresh oil sloshing around the old girl!
Ian, Hi, looking forward to Anglesey although not in the RS - first outing for the 996 project car :) Stay away from 10/60 - ask Boxsey in the bar on Friday he's been there and done that! I have always used Shell Helix Ultra in the Yellow RS cos that's what the German OPC used - cant even remember the viscosity without looking but it still doesnt use a drop between changes. Cheers and see you Friday, if you are coming via the M56/A55 let me know your timings. Cheers, Kevin
Soz can't be there. On business in the USA. Was tempted to bring Kermit. Made great progress with Custard, the Speed Yellow LHD CS. It might be ready for action this summer. (although I did say that last summer too). [:D]
Afternoon guys, Kevin - that's a quick turnaround with the new car, should be interesting, I look forward to seeing it. I must admit that I've wanted to do Anglesey for a long time, I think it's going to be really good. I've just looked at the map and, as you suggest, the M55 looks like the obvious route and I will head that way. However, I can't imagine leaving Epworth before 5pm and I guess it will take me as much as 4 hours to get there so you may well be well in front of me and on your third pint by then. Food is available 'till 9pm so I'll try and bbe there for then. Ian

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