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Hi guys !
Thought that after events of last year when numerous members from south wales asked for meetings to be at PORSCHE CARDIFF things were sorted!
Looked on our events list for this year and only thing noted was meeting planned february at porsche cardiff ??
But talked to friends at OPC cardiff and they have had no contact with our club since last meeting there last year!(october)
Know for a fact that PORSCHE GB sponsor the club to the sum of £150K!
Surely we have a obligation to them and thought that we are now one team in pushing the marque to the future!
Hope we will have new events list soon and keep the faith guys!

Hi! When do the concours start? Where is it likely to be held? OPC Cardiff? I'm interested in doing something - but please no woeful tyre-kicking or long periods of silence - ("and no God-damm Merlot!").

Keep in touch!

i e-mailed regional organiser earlier this year enquiring about events for 2008, and have yet to have a reply. disappointed to see no report in this months porsche post.

is ian ok?

I contacted Ian and he has been away. I think he came back on Sunday ie 3rd Feb. Not sure if there is a meet at the OPC on the 5th or not. By all accounts it does not look like there is anything on at the OPC for Tueday.


All is well?
Thought that the general feedback last year was that members wanted to meet in south wales!
Porsche cardiff are so enthusiastic and supportive towards the club.
But last meeting in south wales was over 4 months ago and maybe one again next month?
Why cant IAN put a post on this forum to let us ALL know whats going on?
I was up at cornbury house last sunday and the best news in years that paul kelly (past chairman) is putting his name forward to go back on the board of directors!
PAUL was a fantastic chairman and hope he can turn the club around back to the good old days!
He has my vote and support !

To concur with Pete, plenty of meets last year with Drives and OPC evenings. The last big get together was the excellent Christmas weekend. Looking forward to this years events, still light now at 5:00 pm, roll on spring!!!

It was me who proposed that we meet at cardiff opc on the forum last year !
I know and told ian myself its a thankless task on times!
Have offered my help to ian in the past!
Talked to opc and they seem to be disillusioned with the club that they havent had no feedback or contact since last meeting?(which could mean loss of there facility)
Just think that we need to get more feedback and information via this forum and in the porsche post!

I am having a major service done by Cardiff OPC in 11 days, I know the time scale as it is going to be painful service on the wallet!!! For me buying from them gave me piece of mind as a newbie 2 years ago. I have been very pleased with the level of service and the availability of vehicals I have driven whilst mine has been in. The link to the OPC over last year has been useful in maintaining a good relationship with the staff and will certainly be a key factor in discussing my next purchase with them as first point of contact. I will explain this at the service. I think it is like everything, we are all busy so assume someone is giving feedback but the reality is different.

A point of fact is that I make an effort to thank people on this R14 section after an event but note there is little feedback to support my comments

It is disappointing that there was no write up in the Post last month but quality is better than quantity in my book. I do not think it is possible to get amazing events every month but if we get some really cracking events consolodated with the regular 1st tuesday in the month which is what Ian is planning then personally I will be more than happy.

Regards Alan

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