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IMPORTANT UPDATE - Wheels Up - North - 23rd September 2023


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Good Afternoon all

I have had a large amount of calls and texts regarding this weekends Wheels Up event.

Regrettably several members that do not own 911's have received emails informing them they no longer have an allocated space at this event, despite them signing up early and the initial information from the organisers telling us that all Porsche cars were welcome, however the 911's would get the premier parking being as it's a 911 60th Anniversary event which we were all happy with.

This confusion has left us in limbo as some of us none 911 driving members, even though signed up for the event no longer have an official ticket.

For this reason and as it is a 3rd party event organising company and not organised by PCGB I would suggest that as a group we are NO LONGER attending. If you personally have a 911 and have had a confirmation of attendance email from the organisers then I leave it up to yourselves whether or not you make the trip but there will be no official PCGB meeting up or convoy over to South Lakes.

I'm really sorry for all of this, Mike Trotter and myself feel terrible that we've all been messed about and then less than a week before the event dropped like this.

I'm working on an alternate event for this weekend as we speak and hopefully will get some details up later today.

Anyone wanting to speak to me about this my number as always is 07740363084


Hello Dave, thanks for the update. I have indeed got an invite from Wheels Up North saying that I've got a space being a 911 owner, however with the confusion and if others aren't able to attend I am happy to standby and wait for further confirmation of an alternative event in this region, which I believe you mentioned at Club night. Either way I'll be attending something this Saturday, thankfully in the Sun.....:)



Just for the record on the same subject, if it is of interest.

I was (eventually) accepted to this event as a 911 (964) owner. I have since declined the event on the grounds of I decided to attend another that I judged to be a better fit for me. I immediately informed this events organisers so that my place could be re-allocated.

I have a feeling I may be seeing some of you at the other event :)


Morning Dave, I've had a txt from WUN asking me to confirm if I'll be going with my 911.

It seems like they have a sniff that some might not be going.

Before I reply is there an alternative event that you have been able to organise for tomorrow?

If not I'll head to the lakes, thanks.



Afternoon all

Apologies, I've been trying to put something together as an backup to Cumbria.

Now I just want to make it clear that anyone with a confirmation email still wanting to attend the South Lakes event is absolutely more than welcome to do so, but with several of us not having 911's not all that originally planned to go to this event will be doing this now. The backup has only had to be created due to the organisers (I must stress it was neither South Lakes or PCGB but "Wheels Up North" that have informed already registered attendees they were no longer required).

For this reason I'm planning to meet up at Blyth Battery (NE24 3PQ) at around 10am, leaving for 10.30am. Planning on a little up and over run towards Amble, Shilbottle, Rothbury, Otterburn & ideally ending up at Errington Coffee Shop on the A68 at around 1.30 - 2pm.

Now people are welcome to to join at any point, or dip in and out depending on their personal arrangements.

Again I can't stress how sorry I am to those of us that were looking forward to attending South Lakes but I guess these things happen.

Good news is also that the weather forecast for tomorrow is rather good...... so fingers crossed

See you all tomorrow


Just to round this out then....I have confirmed with WUN that I will be travelling to the South Lakes event if anyone else from R3 is also taking their 911, I'll see you there. I hope everyone has a great run out wherever you end up going tomorrow.

cheers All,


Dave, Mike, Group.

Thanks for the updates, and the effort you guys always make here is above and beyond. I am one of the early adopters of this event and was also one of the unfortunate ones to receive the rather discourteous email from WUN earlier this week that I was, in their words, not required!!. WUN need to remember that not all supporters of the brand are 911 owners; some of us may have been in the past and may well be in the future, but past, present and future owners are all still supporters of the brand, without any one of us the brand would not exist.

Having dealt with and been in the company of a few OPCs, I believe their opinion of us 'supporters' does not start and end with those of us currently in 911 cars. I fully understood from the off that I would not be given a spot to exhibit as I'm not a 911 owner; however, WUN asked for anyone interested in attending the event to give a show of hands so they could research numbers for the event, as such I completed the form as with many of you guys was looking to enjoy another day of collective tyre kicking..

I would mirror Dave's words that if you have a spot, then it is your call to take it, and please, I sincerely hope you enjoy the day; after all, that's why we all participate in these events.

Hopefully, I will make the northern meet tomorrow, so we can have a good moan over a coffee...

BR Mark


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