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Help - Do you know this 968 CS? L106MMJ


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Hi all

I am looking to buy a white CS. I’ve registered on the 968 forum and plan to ask the same question as appreciate there are experts on here who know exactly what to look for.

does anyone know the car?

Does it have a boot lock on the outside

if you have joined 968uk they will tell you if it is or is not,
but you have to follow the how to join exactly,

do you have a certificate of authenticity, the log book description
the chassis number will also help, the big problem these days is far to many sports have been clubsported, they may share the CS chassis number, but that does not make them a true one of the few sold in the U.K.

buyer beware and don’t get fooled by being told it has CS suspension all cars had the same dampers unless they were M030, but that was a £4000 option, not many purchased that
Thanks for the reply… waiting for my account to be activated on 968. Also waiting on more info.
If it was originally bought new from HR Owen (by the looks of it) then maybe they'll have a record of the sale and any other details.

Best thing I did to mine was to dump the original suspension set up and go adjustable dampers and SuperPro bushes all round and a better re-geo (horses for courses and all that). Luckily mine came with original M030 ARB's front and rear the buyer must have spec'd or later fitted. Put some sticky tyres on, enjoy and use it (hard) :)

With a boot lock good chance it’s a sport rather than a CS, the only real difference is price, up to 40k for a real CS in original condition,

20k for a top sport,

but I think I know that car, does the roll cage go through the dash or avoid it
I am told its a genuine club sport. Mileage is 120k looked at the purple one at Dove house but wanted white. As far as I know the cage is rear only.

CS have a blank where key would be on tailgate?

reg number checks out as a CS but without knowing more difficult to say.
The CS had a blank and cable pull to open the hatch,

the lock does not open the hatch itself, it operates an electric motor and rod and cable system to pop the locks,

all that was removed from the CS and the wiring to save a few KG’s

it should have wind windows,

jakerade is your friend when you get on there, there is not much he does not know about them

this part of the pcgb forum is just about dead, only one or two on here
Cheers appreciated … noticed it was near on dead here. Shame; although not just the 968 section.

hopefully I will he approved soon and can get stuck in
Hmmm... guess it's how much you willing to pay against the general condition, proper history, any engine/trans work, suspension refresh etc. If all seems perfect and good condition then that £24k may save you another £5k soon down the road if you bought something else cheaper (or live near Waylander!)

What ball park £'s does Pistonheads or Collecting Cars previous auctions suggest?
Personally I regret not studying the 968 forum before my purchase, despite having a PPI it would have been of massive value. The common problems and expensive issues are usually well documented and of course there is lots of opinion on current pricing. Cars often come up for sale or advance notice is given before they go to auction.

Also I agree that it's worth spending a bit more on a very well presented, looked after example. I've found fixing up often tricky and sometimes expensive. I've spent thousands on mine and it only looks marginally better than when I bought it.

Good luck

You may have spent 1000’s but none of that was cosmetic, but the mechanicals are 100%, so looks are not everything, mine is a 20m car, get any closer it’s cosmetic horror, but I know I can get in a drive 400miles without worry

anyway, there has been two very nice sports on collecting cars, the last one that was black, not your colour I know, was a car that was no expense spared and known to all,

and I’m pretty sure that did not make 24k
that figure is high for a sport especially with a cage,

what ever car you decide on, get inspected by someone who knows these cars really well, paperwork can tell lots of stories

simple things can cost a lot of money,

The sport / CS debate rages on, but the market dictates values, and a real CS sells for twice what a sport sells for, so buyer beware, lots of sports are sold as CS especially by suspect dealers out for a fast buck,
there was only 157 CS sold in the U.K. so good real ones that are not in collections are few and far between,
We should put ours together and only look at them both from 20m, being satisfied they look great at a distance:ROFLMAO:

I'm currently pondering if a re-paint would be feasible, is it worth doing with it just masked up or would it need a full strip down, should I get it wet sanded and machine polished first etc.? If it gets stripped down and the seals and rubbers are not reusable it would double the cost of the job. I've looked at the price of those cabriolet roof seals, especially round the windscreen!!
When you look at the price of the roof seals, if your were a bit tipsy you sober up pretty quick

in my case the car was painted by Mr Tumble, and where it was bodged the clear coat is peeling,

but it doesn’t leak, it goes, stops and looks ok from 20m, and I have a Saratoga glass roof, what more do you want for 5k
and there is very little difference to a sport or clubsport in the bouncy department certainly not £35k worth of difference

The dampers on a coupe, cab, sport, Clubsport are all the same,
just check in pet

take it to a professional detailer for a full assessment, paint thickness will be the deciding factor as to what they can do

GrahamGT4 said:
Just been told it is a sport …

what do people think of the value at £24k?

if you have been lied to once about what it is, I would be very wary of what else your told, and 24k for a sport is big money


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