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Helmet for Track Use!


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Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I might, in the Edinburgh area and without paying the earth, pick up a decent helmet for track night/day use? Doesn' t have to be flash and/or have ears and a tail![:D]
Why not use the Knockhill ones that are free assuming thats where you will be tracking?
I shall ignore the middle reply from that cheeky kilt salesman![X(]

Dougie, I was just a little worried that Knockhill may only have a limited number on the night, so thought if I could get one reasonably cheap, it would be worthwhile in the long run.
Without meaning to sound sarcastic.

Bell used to use the advertising slogan:

" If you have a cheap head, buy a cheap helmet"

I think they might have a point.
This is not meant to be a flippant question, but is to be taken seriously.

The question is, just how important is a helmet on a track day ? I know that it will be of use in stopping your head hitting the metallwork etc., especially if you roll it; and I can understand the point if you ride a bike, or drive in a race.
So, how often are helmets needed ? I know, the same could be said of seatbelts (which I always wear) and car insurance (which I always have).

I am going away now.
As you say, it' s one of those things you hope to never need.

But as with all the other things you mention, if you do need it, you want it to be a good one - don' t you?

Fair point on both counts.
Spoke to my friendly local motorsickle salesman at lunch-time today and, upon hearing that it was for track use in a car, went away to discuss the matter with his colleagues. He came back to me and asked if the helmet needed to be fire retardant, as motor cycle ones don' t have to be. Said I would check it out before committing to the purchase of a non-compliant lid.
Maybe it' s the scotsman in me but, although the Bell slogan is probably spot on, I have a problem with shelling out £500 odd quid for something I' m going to use no more than half a dozen times a year.
Any comments on the fire retardant thing, anybody???????[&:]
I have a problem with shelling out £500 odd quid for something I' m going to use no more than half a dozen times a year

This was the crux of my questions, although, in my case I may only ever do one track day. Even less of a bargain.

As a motorcyclist and track day attendee I' d suggest that you should also consider comfort.

Most motorbike lids are full face, which are fine for single seaters but an open face helmet is lighter,far more comfortable, and in a car with a big windscreen/roof gives far better visibilty.

I therefore have a full face Arai' s for the bike and an open face Arai for track days.

Thanks for the input, guys.
Will check out my local dealers and report back on choice/price.
Many thanks again.[;)]
There is some further info you might find useful here ---->

(If the link does not work it is in the South of England forum, from a couple of months ago)
The only thing I can say is you MUST try them on.
I found the Bell models were very uncomfortable ON ME, digging in to my forehead, whilst still being to big!
Arai were very comfortable, but very expensive, and too big!
You MUST find a helmet that does not slide around on your head - it is no good if it slides down over your eyes under braking! Likewise you should not be able to twist it sideways. It should be tight to get on initially, witout giving you a headache from constricting your head when it is on.
It will not help you at all if it flies off if you have an accident.
Try all the makes and models. You might find a Bell fits you like a glove!
Consider buying a nomex balaclava. it will help keep the lining clean and will help if you are between sizes (and you can take it off when your head swells with your success... or heat!)

Here is a guide to sizing (US site)

Yes it' s a minefield - here is a link to the helmets we bought (OMP Integrale Formula Vision), but about 100 pounds cheaper each - auuuugh!

Good luck!

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