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GTS 4.0


As you say it’s different perspectives. Fingers crossed my small cabin space will only be small occasionally as I have the top down most of the time. The aircon tends to take a little time to penetrate my warm coat. I have found the VAG systems to not quite be as perfect as you indicate And adjustments are needed now and again. Aircon does work just as well in the winter but that’s when the Chelsea tractor comes out except for nice days. Aircon is on the car and can be used in your first example with just a push of a button rather than fiddling.


Always interesting to get different views and perspectives. One man’s meat, etc.

On the subject of BOSE, I’m an ancient blues/hard rock and metal fan, so as you can imagine I like my music LOUD! (but not necessarily when I’m driving since it can be distracting). The problem with sports cars with huge wheels and stiff suspension is that - with tin-tops anyway - tyre and road noise in particular can make the interior environment quite noisy which makes listening to music very challenging, for me at least. On that basis I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.


glenn duval said:
I really thought I knew the spec I wanted for my car. but the more I look at the configurator the more unsure I am. My code is PN67KMT1 any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Especially the interior colour. Many thanks Glenn.

Strange that there is no configurator picture available with the hood up ?

Your interior works with the roof down albeit not to my taste, I`m of a totally boring black choice and am not a convertible fan

Externally, I prefer contrast with as few different colours as possible and with as few graphics as possible

I`d shave another £5k off the options, certainly not the PDK though [:)]

P.S. .. What do I know, I`ve never bought a new Porsche :ROFLMAO:


On the configurator the icon next to the steering wheel in the picture (lower left) raises and lowers the hood.


On the subject of the configurator. If you want to change seat centre colours,Or contrast stitching you can do both, Choose and add to options list and value added. But the picture will not display your option. This is same at my local OPC. I find this very disappointing. As the interior is a large percentage of the options cost. How are you supposed to choose if you can not see the options. I have spoken to Porsche uk about this but got nowhere. Does any body no who would be best to speak to to get the configurator updated. Many thanks Glenn

Re: Porsche communications ...

During the five years that I have owned a Porsche (three used Cayman`s), I have had many communications with - my centre - two others and Reading ... my overall impression is that they do not give a sh.t about the customer

They have a captive audience and they `milk it` [:mad:]

Why have I continued with the brand ? ... despite everything, the cars are superb !

Glenn, I agree with Jeff about the climate, the cabin is small and it makes it a doddle to keep a comfortable temperature and the windows free of misting. The 'dual' capability is a thing I don't bother with, we just have matching temperatures all the time. I find there are many times I choose to have the roof up whatever the weather, we use the car for holidays too so although used only in dry weather at home it does experience wet days.

Parking sensors are probably ample but mine has the rear camera and it's brilliant, I can reverse to the inch with it, and sometimes the sensors are making a racket for nothing - like blades of grass.

I like the sports seat plus too - they might be standard on a GTS, mine has the 18 way which I wouldn't bother with again.

Loads of other things are not worth me mentioning as they are really personal choice and what you are prepared to spend.

Enjoy choosing and the anticipation of the delivery day coming.

glenn duval said:
The reason for tyre sealant is for the compressor and would never use the gunk.

Just to come back on this point Glen, from what I’ve seen of the Porsche stock item, why not spend the money on a decent tyre compressor instead? Plenty of choice out there, and most seem to have additional useful facilities such as automatic pressure cut-off and an LED light.


Morning all, this is my first post so I hope it's ok jumping on the back of this discussion.

I've ordered a Cayman GTS4.0 from my local OPC and wanted to gauge the thoughts of potentially like-minded people when it came to what specs/options I should be going with. I've got a bit of a window to change my choices if needed. I'm trying to be as frugal as possible with the options without it being detrimental to the resale value.

Thankfully the Cayman GTS4.0 comes with a lot of the core stuff you'd want. Therefore, a lot of the things I'm referring to are mainly cosmetic and tech choices. I'm really interested in thoughts on:

Stereo/sound - is sticking to standard sensible or will not having at least the Bose upgrade impact me down the line? I'm really not bothered about audio (the engines sounds better IMO) and I've always been underwhelmed with the Bose kit on Porsches.

Interior - I like alcantara and plan to do no upgrades inside apart from the wheel (adding multi function). Any strong opinions against this?

Colour - I'm a big fan of Gentian blue...but also have a soft spot for a few of the "Special" colours. Any thoughts on resale if I spent the extra 900-1000?

Thanks in advance :)

P.S. I've gone PDK...which I know will divide opinion.

Best thing I was told was to spec the car for you, not for the next man. If you want to go bold then do it. Re specs, as both I and Jeff have said on numerous threads, spec dual climate control. Its worth it and the cabin temps do fluctuate quite a lot in our UK climes so its nice just to be able to 'set and forget'.

I don't think you can go wrong with any spec but remember, Porsche will allow you to spec any weird combination you want so choose carefully. Ask friends and family what they think. If you start a thread and post screen shots from the configurator, you'll get quite a few replies.


The spec of my 4.0L GTS (25) Boxster is below, all for what we want out of the car but still with one eye on resale, saying that there is nothing else we wanted or believe anyone would walk away from.

Very nice car to drive, hope to get more miles on it in the weeks to come.

Individual equipment

U2 GT Silver Metallic

8V Convertible soft top, Red incl. embossment

LZ Bordeaux Red leather interior (special colour)

546 Roll-over bars painted in exterior colour

250 Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)

030 PASM sports suspension (20 mm lower)

450 Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB)

658 Power steering Plus

399 20-inch Boxster 25 years wheels

XXP Tinted taillights

748 Electrically folding exterior mirrors including courtesy lighting

P13 Automatically dimming mirrors with integrated rain sensor

631 Speed limit indicator

638 Park Assist (front and rear) including reversing camera

454 Cruise control

P07 Adaptive Sports seats Plus (18-way, electric) with memory package

573 Two-zone automatic climate control

541 Seat ventilation

583 Smoking package

581 Passenger footwell storage net

509 Fire extinguisher

XFB Bordeaux Red instrument dials

9VL BOSE® Surround Sound System

As has been said many times before, but bears repeating because it is so true, is to spec the car for what you want, and for what you will enjoy, rather than trying to second guess what the market will say about your choices in the future.

my observations for what they are worth after having my car nearly a year as as follows:

If you are getting a GTS4.0 then keep the Sports Plus seats which are excellent and give the best feel as they sit 50mm lower than the 18 way seats (which also add a fair amount of weight). I have never once felt I needed to be able to adjust the seats of mine.

We have the ventilated seat option. It's very nice on a hot day, especially if you've left the roof down, but I could live without them.

Never regretted specifying the PCCBs, they are awesome.

I could cope without Bose as I hardly ever turn it on.

I wouldn't get the fire extinguisher, its uncomfortable for the passenger and generally gets in the way. A fire stick from the Club shop (or Amazon) sits happily on the floor behind the passenger seat.

Definitely get the -20mm drop. No problems with this in 7k miles, the ride is brilliant with it so why sacrifice some of the precision that makes the GTS what it is?

The speed limit display (camera based) is surprising useful - I was sceptical about it but was persuaded that If it save one silly ticket its worth it. great in thing like road works or where the speed limit has been changed and GPS hasn't caught up yet.

The lane assist is very good. Again I was sceptical, and feared it was like some of these dreadful systems that take control of the steering. It's well executed with just a red light showing below the mirrors if a vehicle is gaining on you from behind. Its very useful on trackdays where your peripheral vision is hindered by a helmet. Of course, I have driven for over 40 years without such an aid but its nice to have.

Having had manual A/C in previous car I really appreciate having automatic A/C in this car. Don't scrimp on this ( the dual bit is unnecessary but the auto function is great).

If you drive at night the the PDLS+ LED lights are worth every penny.

Alcantara divides opinions. Some love it other hate the stuff. We hate it so we removed every trace of it! Glad we did.

Hope this helps

Have now sold my 981. I did advertise on the club site but not one reply, To my surprise, Very disappointing. Anyway sold to a dealer 2k more than local OPC. Where my GTS is on order I am still waiting for my allocation. Don't want the car till April but would like a comformation. Despite paying a 5k deposit in April. On the spec I have listened and have added climate control


I have had my GTS 4.0 for two and a half months now and will have well over 3000 miles on it come the weekend. There are only a couple of things I would reconsider in hindsight but I won’t be crying about the fact that I have what I have. The first is the rear view camera, due to the high contour behind the seats, I didn’t like the camera on the test drive car but it may be the lesser of two evils. The other is the Bose. Because its a rag top the small improvement over standard may not be worth it. In the tin top I’m sure it would be.

I do think its funny though to see what I think is a Porsche approaching in the distance only to realise that its a Kia with the same style headlights that Porsche charge over a grand for.


Another month goes by and the phone call from my OPC. Still waiting for allocation. I placed my order in April wanting the car for April 2022. I am now starting to worry I might not get my car for then. If the car did not come till end Sept 2022 would I be able to defer till April 2023 As I sorn my car from Oct-April. I would really like the car for next year as I sold mine in August. And would have no Porsche to go on next years runs. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


Do you have a firm offer of a slot from your Centre Glenn, and have you actually paid a deposit? I would imagine that both are essential to guarantee delivery of a vehicle to your own spec and at a date acceptable to you.


Glenn, your predicament sounds similar to my experience. My local OPC initially gave an e.t.a. But then later said it wasn’t possible and they didn’t have a clue as to when they could supply due to no way of tracking the situation. I too had sold my car and was left with nothing to enjoy. I cancelled and went elsewhere. I wouldn’t advise doing that in your case due to the time you have already spent in the queue. I asked early on after the order so didn’t loose out too much.

I think it depends on how big your dealer is and their allocation. The bigger the dealer the more orders they will have to queue in line, however they may have a larger allocation.

I would advise talking with your salesperson and the manager to see if you can determine how long the list is, how far up it you are and how long the people in front of you are having to wait.

I can assure you it’s not worth asking if your dealer can supply a car while you wait. It would cost you a fortune. They would want to make money both ways, selling at top price and buying back at the lowest. Due to the lack of stock they claim to have a loan car on a rental scheme would be out of the question as well.

The OPC that I did use initially could only give me estimated dates but as it happens they were a couple of months out. From my order being placed in September it was guess work, then in the early January they said mid to back of May. When the final cut off date for confirmation of order arrived the salesperson went on holiday for two weeks. Nothing got sorted until he came back. That meant the car arrived mid June, Exactly two weeks later than the date expected. As regarding putting it on SORN. the car would have to be registered to put on SORN. So would in effect be 6 months old. I don’t think you would be able to hold it without registering it.

Thank you Jeff and Bigcol. A 5k deposit was paid when I ordered the car in April. I was told in August I was top of the list for allocation. But also told they have only had two cars this year.


Hi Glenn

Sorry to hear that

Echoing much of was has been said above. From my experience, I was told that my deposit was fully refundable (specifically because he expected there to be a long wait)

So, if you can afford it, it might be worth putting deposits on other dealers - although you will now be back of the queue.

Also depends how fussy you are - there are now a few coming now through on the official Porsche used locator - they do seem pricy vs list though

I almost jumped on one of those, but I'm glad I waited

Good luck


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