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Hi guys!
For all the people who enjoyed the meetings at opc cardiff im afraid to say could be a thing of the past?
Called in this week and they still havent received any contact or feedback since last october 07?
Talked to the enthusiastic guys who helped us in the past and told me they have vertually washed there hands with us!
They gave me the reasons and i wont go into details,but to be honest dont blame them!
Looks like another backward step for the club.
So looks like its at peterstone court,brecon.SOUTH WALES as usual!
ps. MEETING APRIL 5th motorvation body repairs visit!
3rd part told me of this club meeting and thought give you notice in advance!

Crivens! This all sounds a tad bleak to me. Or is it?...

Let's just clarify this a bit. (I'm sorry, but my only business at OPC Cardiff has been just that; business - and to be honest you don't want to know..)

Is anyone really going to lose sleep about not being able to "meet" at the local OPC so that we can all kick each other's tyres?! They've "washed their hands of us" , have they? Blimey, I think that Porsche GB would be VERY interested to hear about that one! There's probably no other one group of enthusiasts who regularly keep their tills ringing. And what are they saying? "Oh! You never write! You never call..."

Can you hear that...? Yes, you're right. That's the sound of the smallest bloody violin in Wales playing - just for OPC Cardiff!

If we really want to have a proper get together let's just do it. There have been quite a few enthusiastic people in the last year or so trying to get something organised - but it never seems to have worked out. Now that the weather (should) be improving let's see what happens in the near future. I'm sure that we can sort something out without the need for us to go somewhere where we'll be looking at cars that we're never going to be able to afford and where our kids throw fits if we don't "... buy me the red car from the glass cabinet, Daddy" - for £25!!

They've washed their hands of us. God, that's funny!! [:D]

Just thought I would add my 2 penneth. I had my C4S serviced at Cardiff OPC 2 weeks ago, I mentioned that we enjoyed their hospitality. We all have opinions about OPC's but all I can say I have been more than happy with their service and enjoyed some good discussions with some of the staff there who are enthusiasts as well.

Did not get the impression they had "washed their hands of us". Having only been a member for just over a year I recollect last year was quiet for the first 3-4 months people wanting to know what was going on etc. now we are getting into April weather is improving, days are longer all the better for meets. Not had any contact with Ian but from the last email got the impression some good stuff on the calender.

Just had my 911 detailed, cannot take her out in this weather now she is looking so good[;)][;)].

Cheers Alan.

To be honest nice to visit the OPC Cardiff from time to time but Brecon is just to far to warrant attending the monthly meetings. I think the idea to have a meet with another like minded group of petrol heads is a good idea, Cardiff meet would also be ideal.... Where do most of the regional members live, is Cardiff or Brecon more central ?

As for other events, I am running a trip to the Nurburgring 31st May - June 3rd if anyone is interested in coming along drop me an e mail....

this mornings event, which was enjoyable and informative, was well attending by porsche club members. i hope our regional organiser takes note of this, and recognises the number of people who could turn out at events staged along the m4 corridor.

i would very much welcome the monthly meetings being held at opc cardiff, as brecon just doesn't work for me.

unless the club organises events that the members want, my fee is just being wasted!!!

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