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Are Spyders Becoming Extinct At OPCs!

I like the Irish Green car in South Lakes, the only thing missing for me are carbon sill guards a must if you have carbon interior, only the mileage stops that flying out the showroom. That car with 6k miles would suit me, in fact about perfect.

Although only 13 cars on Porsche website there are 28 on Autotrader including 1 very overpriced RS.
that green one was the modded driving venture car hence the 18k miles, I wonder if the OPC knows it got a light weight fywheel and clutch none oem ? to then offer 2 years warranty on it !

Would you buy a 718 none OPC car ? I would not. not wit hthe PADM issues and no extra warranty on non opc cars.

I never speced carbon door sills on any of my new cars as you cannot see them, just seems a waste of money to me. My new car has every option and most of it is pointless, I just got it £18k off list.
Spec is very personal, but you can buy Carbon sills for £200 :) so would not stop be buying a car if that was the must have option :p

Buying from a non OPC now days though is risky, you need as much help and good will as possible, and if the car not OPC bought they really don't want to know, it would have to be at least £10k less for me to buy none OPC on modern stuff.
Again I can only speak as I find.
My Spyder is a 21 reg and I bought it 12 months ago. It was a private sale, 2500 miles. Shortly after purchase had a warning light come on, this was sorted by my local OPC. During the warranty work they found some rodent damage, chewed wires, now if that had been the cause then warranty would have been void but it was not the cause so they also repaired the rodent damage. No cost to me. They have also carried out the 2 yr service and repaired the PADM fault (yes me as well) when parts became available. My OPC's service department is first class, they care for the customer its a refreshing change from the norm.
Yesterday I attempted to get the Spyder out of the garage the first time since just before Christmas and the brakes were solid, I had washed the car before putting it away but had used a dryer and had not left the brakes on, anyway eventually got them to free off but they were making an awful noise and I was concerned they had damaged the pads / disc. My OPC had the car in today to get on a ramp and checked out each disc and pad, nothing had broken up and now after some heavy braking they are okay. The OPC worked on the car for 45 mins to an hour no charge.
In these days where we seem to have cause to complain about pretty much everything and this most certainly applies to Porsche it makes a pleasant change when good old fashioned customer care counts.
very rare when the ramps charge is £240+vat an hour to get any free work done where I live that's for sure.
only 12 OPC cars left from 22 in Dec !! the best cars have gone now, hurry up if you want one for Spring 24 in a nice spec :)

imo there is only one nice spec car left for sale and that sadly is the /£104k car which I admit is punchy but it's the only car with the spec !! but it is PDK, no manual nice cars for same atm !
Using the AT Tracker saves me stretching my fading memory I was seriously quite surprised by the number of Spyders on there that have been on sale since August 2023! despite many having some decent price drops and most of the others are all 2023 adverts too

They are definitely not flying off the shelf at all these days :unsure: Spyder&page=1&postcode=n2 0qx&radius=1500&sort=price-desc
10 cars gone from opc's in 1 month, spec really is key to selling these as people are very fussy.

If its for sale over 3 months the price was too expensive, meanwhile we have new members here now in 718 Spyders just this week.

I only like one OPC car for sale and bugger me it's the £104k one as it has "the" spec.

how you you take the j600 car ? , started at £88,495 in Nov. now up at £91,690, as I said prices are going up as nicer cars vanish. most cars for sale are comforts or dog knob red inside, both really bad sellers.

wait till April, you won't find a bucket seated car with black leater for sale in a nice spec.

Comforts are imo a poinltess options and poor seller. buy a Boxster GTS and save £20k

The market speaks, and the cars i nthe right spec sell, always been the case.

stuff like this is dream land, it;'s till the worse resale spec and £15k over valued !! it's never going to sell !!
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Rather than talking about prices I thought I'd post a picture, a few of us had a lovely drive out today, the weather was great for top down motoring 8 to 10 degrees and sunny with dryish roads. Some really great roads in Devon

How do you post large pictures ? what is max size ? struggling here ? If I click on picture it enlarges ??


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Geoff, use an image hosting site and enter the url to display the image full size. Only some image hosting sites are allowed however.
I have just closed my photobucket account as it is now a chargeable site. I expected when this site was updated that loading pictures would be easy like so many other social media sites.
I think I'll just not bother.
Thanks for your advice Ralph.
You did post a large picture just click on your postage stamp pic and it expands to the full monty SIMPLES!
Yes but I wanted to post the picture at the full size and I had to keep reducing it until the site would accept it as kept saying picture too large. not sure what the max size allowed is as could not find that anywhere. Anyway more hassle than needed. all I wanted to do was select photo from library and push upload and done, like everywhere else we use.
Pity about the spec ! Just my opinion.
What's that old saying There is a chair for every bum" :ROFLMAO:

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some different cars than before, there is not actually a car out of that 17 I would buy to be honest !

the one you emailed me about has gone and was £99k

Sounds like a potential licences loser if you can get hold of one in the first place :eek::ROFLMAO:

With so much performance and the relatively long gearing of the PDK, you can easily end up travelling just too fast for the road. The thrilling sweet spot between the Spyder RS being irritating at low speeds and illegal at higher ones is just too small. There’s no doubting the incredible performance, or the fact that it feels like this is the very apex of six-cylinder sports car design and engineering, but there’s often just too much at stake to enjoy the RS Spyder with complete confidence.

This remains an incredible achievement from Porsche, though, it’s more a case that the road and driver often don’t feel worthy of the car.

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