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Anyone waiting for a GTS Allocation ?

It was 15-16 months for me end to end (order to delivery), which seems pretty normal now in reflection. At the time I was getting very impatient.

I got my allocation confirmation in January 2022 and took delivery in Sept 2022.

All I can say is, it's definitely worth the wait! ??
Thank you all for your comments. I placed the deposit in early May 2022, got the confirmed order e-mail yesterday. I am hopeful for Q2 as this was the initial discussions with the dealer. Looks like it may be possible based on your comments. It is great to actually get some official confirmation of the order. The count down is now on.
Thanks guys. Maybe using my local dealer is a mistake, they’re anything but transparent. Biscuits from Porsche for Christmas and a visit to the Silverstone Porsche experience centre (PEC) suggest I’ll get sorted eventually. When I pushed the dealership to contact Porsche planning department in May (after waiting 9 months) I got a 2023 Q2 delivery response.
Different subject, what did you all think of your PEC visit?
My wife (spectator) and I enjoyed it. My instructor was absolutely first class. I failed with 4 attempts to climb the ice hill with the plate that throws you off course, caught it every time but couldn’t catch and correct the 2nd and or 3rd spin.
Failed the the acute entry to the other ice hill at 30mph but OK when dropped speed to 25mph and successful at the other ice hill challenges, except when all electronic aids were turned off. That was probably the most impressive message from the event: to remember how much assistance the car is giving you, you’re not superman.
Loved the track. I think I thought I was on my driving test at first, sticking in the left lane whilst learning the track and the overtaking rules, until my instructor informed me that I could play with all of the road. She was brilliant. As a motorcyclist familiar with using as much road as I can then this information coupled with the knowledge that I cannot get in anyone‘s way due to the overtaking rule just opened the floodgates for me. No one overtook me, or got close. I wasn’t fast though, at the last track session she was pushing me right to the edge of my comfort zone. A huge confidence boost. Brilliant fun.
So yes, I know I won’t be disappointed with the car when Porsche eventually decide to build one for me.
Would love too hear what everyone else thought.

Did you know that you can split your track time at the PEC with your guest? I did it with my wife, she did the first hour and a half and I did the second hour and a half. Gave me chance to watch the testing on the Silverstone circuit plus it made her feel more involved in the Porsche buying experience.

When ordering your car, ask the sales person to allocate you two places on the experience. I have just ordered another car and have two places. I think ( may not be right) that they allocate 1 slot from the car I have ordered and the other place when registering a dealership car.My wife and I have previously been twice and my son with me once, all of us driving a full session.
I had my 2nd PEC day yesterday morning and agree it’s a great day out even in the drizzly conditions. I took my 19year old son this time and shared the driving with him. You have to be 21+ for Turbos and 25+ for GT cars but still leaves a wide choice of cars for most family drivers. We were driving a 911 GTS and he absolutely loved it as you can imagine. As I’m shortly getting a Spyder I also managed to get a quick 15min drive in a Spyder while the people that had booked it had their coffee break!

I agree it’s a great way to understand the car, it’s capabilities and built in protection for us drivers. I like the fact the day is for anyone and therefore not a ‘track day’ as such but more about learning to drive your car in different situations. You can also take it on local roads too apparently. Having a nice meal and drinks on hand with views of Silverstone activity is added bonus too.

I‘m already looking forward to the next one and think my wife or daughter will be joining me. The team at PEC said they have increased the staff to make the booking easier as it takes a bit of time and only books on rolling 3 months at the moment. They also said they’ve bought more land so sounds like something is in the pipeline. I noticed some pretty exotic GT cars including a 911R which you can book/pay for as a special GT event… to think about!
Hammy969 said:
Thank you all for your comments. I placed the deposit in early May 2022, got the confirmed order e-mail yesterday. I am hopeful for Q2 as this was the initial discussions with the dealer. Looks like it may be possible based on your comments. It is great to actually get some official confirmation of the order. The count down is now on.

Can I ask what the list RRP(Without options) of the car when you placed your deposit in May 2022?


Further to my previous post I have now spoken to my dealership. He has confirmed a build slot of March, delivery April. Assuming that all goes to plan once I lock in my final spec that will be just under 12 months from placing a deposit to delivery. Looks good considering the time scales some of you have had. Fingers crossed.
Hi All,

Thought I'd throw my ore in here. I placed an order for a 4GTS in March 2022 with a 24 month expected wait. Seeing on here and Rennlist a few UK orders being placed with less than half that lead time, I emailed PC (Sheffield) before Christmas and again they reiterated Q2 2024. It is frustrating that it seems possible to walk in to other dealerships, place an order and take delivery of a car, all within the timeframe since I've had an order placed.

Not enormously fussed, as it does sound as if it will be a 992.2 by the time it comes around. I just can't make head nor tail of why they don't have a national waitlist that they just work down in order of orders placed.

twang, I agree. Ordering and taking delivery of a new high end car shouldn't be down to what seems to be pot luck. Perhaps someone from Porsche GB could be requested to explain what is going on in the next edition of Porsche Post.
Tony, I think some of it is down to the configuration. I know I was initially waiting for Aerokit and then a little later for the ceramic brakes. My dealer kept me informed as things progressed (or slowed). I had the "my Porsche" notification that build started in October. My car arrived at the dealership last week. I think some of the differences are down to availability of some of the config parts.
You’re right Nigel, it all changes when you get a build slot, which I’ve just received for April. Deposit placed 29 Aug 2021. I got a story along the lines that the longer wait is due to me ordering a rare standard car and a Cabriolet, not a coupe, being a significant factor. That the dealership would have been able to have sorted me out quicker if I had ordered a GTS. I think this was the dealership speaking with the benefit of hindsight. None the less I’m buzzing and have already booked hotels in Scotland for its first road trip.
Twang992, I agree with your National Waiting List suggestion, maybe with some dealership leeway, as the couple of control freaks that my wife and I are found the lack of communication clarity and transparency over the last 16 months very annoying. Onwards and upwards now though.

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