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944 Cabriolet - Alternative Roof Winders?


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Hi all,

The 944 Cabriolet is supposed to have an electrically operated roof. Unfortunately my car's previous owner disconnected it because it was not working.
Having taken the interior trim out of the back walls I can see why. One of the anchor points for one of the roof winders/gearbox has cracked so that component is banjaxed.
The metal of the casing has cracked around the bolt point. Presumably it cracked under stress when the roof got stuck. The roof still works but everything has been loosened off so it is operated manually. This has the added annoyance of making the car rattly with the roof down.

I was looking into replacing the winders on Ebay and I can see they are available. The same part 911.561.045.61 as on the 911 and unsurprisingly the 968.

Probably on the basis they are as rare as the proverbial manure from a rocking horse they are VERY expensive at over £200 each.
Whereas the same component from a Boxster is cheap as chips, eg £30...

SO this long preamble sets the scene for the question: Has anyone had any experience of subbing-in a Boxster component instead?

Obviously it is is nice to keep everything original and correct for the car but I am loathe to spend £500+ for a pair when I could potentially spend £60 and some metal fettling.

Please let me know what you think, if the pulling cabling is all wildly wrong then I guess I can forget it and stop being stingy.

Many thanks

For the sake of £60, I'd buy them, match them up and if they look viable, fettle them into working.

If they clearly wont work, stick them on ebay and cut your losses.

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