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928 S4 leather code


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Hello there,
I'm new to the forum although I've owned my 1991 928 S4 for a few years. I'm trying to restore the leather seats but I'm struggling to track down the leather colour from any codes I've found. I've managed to decode the options list. I think the interior colour code is NK from my sticker but for the life of me I cannot find any info on leather colour codes.
Can anyone help or point me in the right direction

Many thanks


L699 (colour) NK (?leather colour code)
C16 058 330 513 587 650 935 980 (options codes)


The seat colour codes all seem to be three characters, but I can't see any containing NK. What basic colour are they?
(3MK is Burgundy.)
Thanks Smiffy. The seat colour is basically light cream but Porsche seem to have variations on cream. It may be sensible to get a colour match froma sample I think...
PET codes seem to be:
linen TW1, cashmere beige XN4 or ATY, light grey AQL.
You can narrow it down if you are certain what Model Year it is, note that the Model Year is not necessarily the year it was made or registered. Check the VIN, the tenth character should be M for a '91.
How the PET codes relate to the sticker codes is yet to be found.
A sample seems the safest way to go, you will possibly find a bit that you can cut off if you look under the seat.


The 2 digit code on the sticker you gave is the interior colour, ie; midnight blue over marble grey or black over classic grey etc

Porsche can tell you , if you speak to the right guy! Maybe call your OPC with the VIN
Hi Everyone, just joined, just bought my first Porsche (today!), it's an April 1991 928 S4 I like it ! and the model number is :- 927 921 it has F.S.H. with 99,000 miles, Dark grey (L22D) with Black leather / burgundy carpets (UN) been stood for 12 years but looks great ! and it has NOT been abused.
I'LL post some pic's when the wife comes back - only she knows how, in the meantime it has 10 codes for 'optional equipment' any help trying to decipher them would be great :- C16, 058, 330, 513, 587, 650, 10021, 10091, 10131, 10132. Engine code :- M2842-81L and transmission :- R2816- cheers, John
Hi, it's going to take me some time to get the hang of all this ! my V.I.N. Number is :- WPOZZZ92ZLS841881 unless those Z's are 2's !.
I am trying to find a 1991 Brochure and workshop manual - if such a things are available along with a parts supplier etc. just so I can 'understand' the car and to get it 'right' from the very beginning
Vehicle Identification No.WP0ZZZ92ZLS841881ModelS Coupe
928Date of production Model year1990Sales type927921Engine Code2842Transmission CodeA2816Axle drive4AEquipment Roof color Carpet color code Exterior color / Paint Code/Seat combination no. Number of Z-Orders
058Impact absorbers, front and rear 330Radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 46 513Lumbar support, right seat 567Windscreen tinted, upper part
darker coloured 650Electrical sliding roof

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