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11th February Classic Register Sign-Up Day


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While chatting with Tim at Teesside, he mentioned plans for an upcoming classic morning at their dealership in February. Although I’m pretty sure all 997 & 987 owners should have already had an email regarding the news that Porsche is to arrange a few dedicated classic network events, I asked Tim if he would be happy for me to share details of their classic morning to be held on Saturday Feb 11th

Please remember that although this particular event is aimed to give owners of the 997 & 987 Boxster and Cayman (2005-2008) a better insight into additionally what they can offer now that they fall into the classic category, Tim tells me every Porsche classic owner is welcome to drop in throughout the morning. He is extremely keen to encourage anyone who wants to find out more, to pop along for a cuppa and a chat about the benefits of registering and discuss what the centre has to offer.

I have checked with Philip and Dave who are happy for me to share this info, furthermore if any R3 owners are interested in being part of a small 997/987 or classic display throughout the morning and happy to commit regardless of the weather (8-30-12.30 to be confirmed) in support of Tim & his team please drop me a message.


I am happy to commit regardless of the weather as we are only 3 miles away and would be going to the event anyway.

Porsche 987, April 2005, Artic Silver.



Hi Greg

I'll be going along to this event but will only have the Macan on the road at that point.

Drive safe


I shall be attending to view Greg but unfortunately my 997 C4S will not be available to display and I will be arriving in an alternative mode of transport by another German manufacturer... no prizes for guessing what...[;)]

Sir John

Hi Greg,

We would love to go to see our Cayman again[:)]

See you there.


Charles & Sue

Greg, the 997 Register Secretary (Steve Jones) tells me that Teesside is not one of the "official" classic register meetings but that Teesside are doing an informal one on their own. Will we get an official invite from Tim or can we just turn up on the day?



Morning John, to clarify Teesside’s Classic Register Sign Up shouldn’t be confused with the official 997 Classic Tour that Steve and the Club are involved with, although I firstly ensured he was fully aware of this event. Tim and his team are simply trying to encourage any local classic owners to pop in and find out more about what their dealership has to offer them throughout the morning and are of course particularly keen to ensure all 997 & 987 owners are fully aware that their cars now fall into the Classic Register category.

Here is a brief snippet from their social media page;

Join us on the 11th February for the Classic Register Sign-Up Day!

Every Porsche is not just important to us, it is part of our family. Since 1948 the Porsche family tree has been growing and changing. Over 70% of all Porsche cars ever made are still on the road and we care passionately that every one of them continues to provide pleasure for generations to come 🏁

Teesside have stressed that other Porsche owners are more than welcome to visit the Centre anytime, however this event is for people with qualifying cars to sign up for the Classic Register.

Apologies if you think my post was misleading in anyway, but as this is clearly a laid-back “drop in if you’re passing” sort of event no official invites are required or will be sent out and therefore is not a specific PCGB experience.

Therefore, just to reiterate every classic owner is more than welcome to drop in throughout the morning as they are keen to encourage anyone who wants to register or find out more, to pop along for a cuppa and a chat about the benefits of registering.

That said I’m pretty sure most already have a very clear understanding of what this fabulous and very supportive dealership already has to offer and just how much they always go above and beyond.

Please note I am not the organiser I am simply sharing as per Tim’s request. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact the centre on

Thanks Greg....I wasn't sure if Tim was sending out an email, but all is clear now. I'll definitely be along on the morning of the 11th Feb...[:)]

Hi Greg

I am happy to take mine down on Saturday morning, I am at the centre on Monday having a updated PCCM+ fitted and I will have a chat with Tim


Bit of a slow burner regarding putting together a club classic display for this, thanks though to those who have kindly offered to pop along with their cars, but with such a poor uptake it's probably not worthwhile trying to put something together as a club on this occasion. Please don't let this deter any classic owners from attending and finding out more about the benefits of signing up.

I will be attending but not with the car unfortunately. Looking forward to seeing a few familiar faces.

In a word Julian........No.

There is a whole thread on the members only forum about this and as far as I can see no-one who has signed up for classic register has received anything yet, right cross the club....:rolleyes:

Porschekit said:
In a word Julian........No.

There is a whole thread on the members only forum about this and as far as I can see no-one who has signed up for classic register has received anything yet, right cross the club....:rolleyes:

Purely as FYI of my own experience - I signed up at Teesside, during the R3 concourse event in October, and received my member pack by post, minus the number plate surrounds, sometime in January. I asked about the number plate surrounds and Teesside Porsche kindly delivered them to me.

Steve are the first I've heard of that has received anything Steve so hopefully they will be rolling through the post soon...

I got my number plate surrounds at Teesside but still haven't received any paperwork....


Thanks John, will drop a line to club HQ.

I‘ve a major service coming up & wouldn’t mind taking advantage of the classic pricing!

This is a Porsche Cars Register, not club, you’ll be better off ringing Teesside. Porsche have had a big take up around the country, I’m guessing they’ve got a backlog.


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