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Walter Rohrl and the Porsche 924 Carrera GTS Rallye

Four decades after the 1981 rally season in which Walter Röhrl raced a 924 Carrera GTS, the Porsche Heritage and Museum department surprised the two-time World Champion with the newly restored car. See his reaction to receiving the car as it transports him instantly 40 years back in time. On 15 May, the 924 Carrera GTS Rally and Walter Röhrl celebrate an anniversary: 40 years ago, Röhrl and co-driver Christian Geistdörfer rolled off the starting ramp at the International ADAC Metz Rally 1981 in the gold and black 924 ‘Monnet’ – marking the start of the first and only rally season in which Röhrl competed for Porsche. This year in the German Rally Championship ended with four overall victories. Vehicle faults caused problems for the Porsche team in the first of seven races, the Metz Rally in the May of 1981, but the performance was still good enough to finish in second place in the overall standings. Röhrl and Geistdörfer were then victorious in the Hessen Rally, and three more wins followed in the Serengeti Safari Rally, Anterior Palatinate Rally and Baltic Rally.

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