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How to CLEAN and PROTECT LEATHER seats - Detailing 101 Ep.9

Patrick, our resident videographer and photographer has been with us 5 months now and has NO IDEA how to take care of his car. Many people like Patrick can sometimes get lost in the sea of car care products. What do I wash my car with? How can I keep it clean after I've washed it? It's the simple things that we want to help and educate you on. So, introducing "Detailing 101". A step by step guide on the basics of car care, featuring Patrick and his BMW E36. During this series you'll see us educate Patrick on the most simple ways to Wash, Clean & Prep, Polish, Protection and Maintain his car. Our aim is to share with you the simplest forms of car care, whether you're a non car guy, a car enthusiast, or someone that just wants to further their knowledge about detailing or the Meguiar's product range. It's time to tackle one of the more challenging areas of a detail, the interior. Patrick doesn't think his Leather seats have ever been cleaned (as you'll see in the video) so we take the time to show him how best to clean, condition and protect his leather seats using products like the Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner, the Leather & Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner and the Leather Balm. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment on the video or for any technical advise you can contact us on our social media platforms or via the contact us direct page on our website.

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