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Welcome to the Race Register

The Club's Race Register covers all Porsche cars that have been specifically prepared for motorsport. With racing in the Porsche bloodline - the marque has a very long motorsport heritage dating back to the early part of the 20th century when Ferdinand Porsche entered a stripped down version of his electric powered car in a hillclimb event - a great many Porsches have been built purely for competitive motorsport by the factory competitions department. Very many more Porsches have been converted from road use by individuals keen to take part in competitive motorsport at many different levels on a circuit or rally stage.

The Register has a lively social life with many opportunities for enjoying a shared passion. Many of the Register's members compete in various current championship and historic race series whilst others maintain and preserve heritage vehicles with race and rally pedigrees. Register members are always keen to help fellow enthusiasts enjoy their cars and motorsports activities.

Whether you look after a classic 550 Spyder, race a 911 Carrera RSR or drive a 924 on track days, the Register is able to provide valuable support and helpful advice for you You can also keep up to date on our forum pages.


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