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01 Apr 2016

New Boxster 718

Launch of the 718 Spyder

On January 27th 2016 Porsche officially announced the new Boxster 718 model.

Here are a few facts and figures to whet your appetite

Firstly we have the 718 2.0 with the flat 4 turbo charged engine.

The recommended retail starting price is from £ 41,739 inc vat.

This model can reach 0.62mph in 5.1 secs for the manual and 4.9 secs (4.7 with launch control) for the PDK. It has 300bhp and the top speed is 170mph.

Fuel consumption is still impressive with combined at 38.2mpg for the manual and 40.9mpg for the PDK

CO2 emissions are 168 - 158 which will keep the powers that be happy.

Another change from the 981 is within the steering which claims to be 10% more direct than the previous model. All models come with 19inch wheels as standard

The weight of the car is said to be circa 15kg heavier than the 981, obviously with the added weight of the turbos.

PCM now looks to be standard and includes mobile phone connectivity..

A new powerful sound system is also standard and the ability to add apple play and other online services are a welcome addition. Finally Porsche are following other manufacturers into the 21st century .

Further optional extras can be added to the cars if you so wish.

As far as styling is concerned, the front end of the car has larger intake air vents,new LED headlights which are already on the new 991 and bigger side air vents. Also added are new sleeker door handles. At the rear the car looks wider with thinner LED tail lights. The logo badges have been redesigned with the Porsche badge now fitted under the spoiler rather than placed on the boot lid.

On the interior not much has changed apart from new shaped air vents, a new style steering wheel and the clock being repositioned to sit high up on the dashboard.

Now for the 718S

This model comes with a 2.5 flat 4 turbo charged engineThe recommended retail starting price is from £50,695 inc vat

It has an impressive 350bhp and can reach 0.62mph in 4.6 sec for the manual and 4.4 sec (4.2 with launch control ) for the PDK. Together with a top speed of 177mph it quite a force to be reckoned with.

For this model the CO2 emissions are 184-167 and the fuel consumption 34.9 mpg & 38.7mpg respectively.

Both cars are more powerful and economical than their predecessors but

of course all this power comes with a higher price tag and prices look to be circa 7.5% more than the 981 models.

So there we have it the new Boxster 718 is now official and PC launches will begin in the spring with pre orders now being taken. More info can be found from Porsche on this link HERE

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