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10 Sep 2019

Mark Davis' story

My Porsche story - 45 years waiting, 10 years fighting cancer

I was born in 1966 and was a petrol head long before the term was invented.

My love affair with Porsche began in ’74, when I saw my first 911 – three years later, my Dad bought me a Scalextric Martini 935 and the die was cast.

Decades of hard work followed, in automotive engineering, sales and marketing, and ultimately as a company director/owner. However, despite having many beautiful cars, my dream 911 remained just that.

In 2009 (aged 43), I suffered a spinal collapse, was diagnosed with an incurable bone cancer and given three - five years. The wheels fell off my life, I had to stop work, downsize everything and let go of the business I’d spent 13 years building.

Earlier this year, after 10 years of battling through four rounds of chemotherapy/radiotherapy and two bone marrow transplants, I finally bought my dream car - now it’s 911 Time!!

Mark J. Davis

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