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30 Nov 2015

New 991 Register Secretary

Phil Graham

Phil Graham North West Region 5

The recent Officials’ Conference was only my second visit to Cornbury House and as well as the satisfaction of being involved at national level it was also a very pleasant social evening at the overnight venue the Redesdale Arms. There were mutterings about the opportunities within the registers with accompanying glances in my direction and more hints in the Register Director’s presentation at the conference.

The Chairman, Regional Director and Register Director accepted the invitation to R5’s November Club Night at Porsche Centre Wilmslow the following Wednesday and full of praise for a successful event caught me unaware and I finally agreed to be the 991 Register Secretary.

I have been an active member of Region 5 since 2000 but my Porsche ownership started in 1987 and there have only been a couple of years since then without a 911. A 1987 4 speed Turbo, a 1989 5 speed Turbo, a 1990 Carrera 4Targa, a 1997 993 Turbo 4 and finally a 991 50th Anniversary model in Geyser Grey. I still have the 993 which I bought in 2000 and after buying a 996 Cab for my wife a few years ago she now fully supports my role in the club with her recently acquired 997 Carrera 4 GTS Cab.

In the early noughties I declined the role of RO and my involvement did not start until 2008 when I began assisting Barry Dolton. On Barry’s retirement I once again turned down RO but agreed to be a member of the R5 Committee which now has 8 members who share the organisation of the region.

I am heavily involved in the region with tasks including, events, treasurer, liaison with P C Wilmslow and storing and transporting R5’s equipment all of which I will continue doing.  I am hoping to follow in Peter Webb’s footsteps and continue his hard work. He will be a difficult act to follow but I will give it my best shot.

It is a great time to take over from Peter with the 991 Gen 2 imminent and I am eager to get my hands on one to compare to my own car. Staff at P C Wilmslow are very enthusiastic about it having recently returned from the training days at Silverstone. The general opinion is that it is almost a new model rather than a face lift with a milestone 3 litre turbo engine, a redesigned PDK, a superb twin clutch manual gearbox and an up to date PCM with technology way beyond me. There are many more improvements and a relief that the 911 is even better.

P C Wilmslow’s launch evening is on Monday 7 December and if there is anyone who hasn’t had an invitation please contact me if you would like to join us.

Initially the 991 Register will be invited to join R5 on events in which I am directly involved. I have some ideas for a 3-4 day trip for 2016 but to start the ball rolling I would love to see a 991 presence at Portmeirion for the Sunday lunch and possible overnight stay. There are still some rooms available and if you have not visited before it is a truly magical place. The Welsh roads on this trip are superb and I am hoping PC Wilmslow will lend me a new 991 to do a full road test for this event. Perhaps some of you could request the same from your centres. Full details for Portmeirion can be found in Porsche Post Region 5 or on the website and you can contact me directly.

Gawsworth Classic Car Show on the Bank Holiday Monday 2 May usually attracts a good turnout and it would be nice to have a 991 display there.

Silverstone Classic 29-31 July will be the ultimate gathering of 991’s in 2016.

Gold Cup Oulton Park Sunday-Monday 28-29 Aug is Region 5’s big event of the year with enough dedicated parking to include a good show for the 991 Register.

Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Phil Graham


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