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Swiss Tour Kenny Robinson Gallery

Kenny Robinson's 2016 Swiss Tour

Kenny Robinson's Swiss Tour

Setting off from Newcastle via the overnight Ferry to Ijmuiden (Netherlands) 09.30 I was on my way to Basel for the 1st overnight stopover before the mountains the following day. Based in Andermatt, where I stay every year, it is an excellent starting point for driving the Passes. Having checked in I was away on my first "blast" up the mountains with up to 8 hours of intensive driving each day on these annual trips.

First Day in Andermatt Furka Pass was still closed due to weather & season but carried on to Grimsel Pass (2165m - 26kms long) then Oberlap Pass (2044m - 22kms long) & finally for that day, Gotthard Pass (2106m - 64kms long inc the Tunnel - 15kms) catching as many cafés as possible to keep my Coffee intake up !

Second day saw me driving to the Lukmarnier Pass (1915m - 41kms long), Nufenen Pass (2478m - 28kms long) then Grindlewald. At Grindlewald I parked at the train station & caught the Eiger Train which took me to the top of the Eiger Mountain (3970m), a location made famous by Clint Eastwood in the movie - The Eiger Sanction. The cost of this short distance but long duration was expensive (£130) but absolutely well worth it as it's the highest view point in Europe. The views & scenery are just amazing.

Third Day A steady drive to Brussels for my last overnight stopover prior to the Ferry home the following day. This was worst than normal due to the intense rainfall across Europe. It took 8+hrs to get to the Hotel. If any driving enthusiasts wish to drive these & many more mountain passes then I have all the info (full cost breakdown etc.) as I have done these personally.  


Swiss Tour Kenny Robinson gallery contains 8 images and is part of the PCGB 991 register activities from August 2016

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