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26 Mar 2014

UK RHD 2.4S Sells At Auction For Record Amount

UK RHD 2.4S Sells At Auction For Record Amount

Anybody who has an interest in the classic air cooled Porsche market will have noted how strong it has been over the last few years and that strength seems to be continuing in 2014, perhaps at an increased pace. It seems that new high for sale prices are being seen regularly, which prompts the question as to what the cars are actually selling for. Auctions serve a useful purpose in being an open and transparent mechanism to gauge where the market is. They also act as a confidence booster to potential purchasers that for sale prices are realistic. Auction results for all air cooled Porsches are currently supporting the view of a strong market and what is of particular interest to the register is that a 1973 RHD 2.4S has just been sold at auction by Coys in late April for £169,800. A number of 2.4S for sale were then immediately snapped up by purchasers and there has also been confirmation of a LHD 2.4S from Europe being purchased for a similar figure. This seems a step change in value and is something to note if looking at your insurance values.

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