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We cover all models of the 944 produced from 1982 to 1991. Register members enjoy a wide range of social activities, technical assistance and advice all intended to help 944 owners get the most out of driving, running and maintaining their cars.

Launched in 1982, the 944 was the natural evolution from the successful 924. A more powerful Porsche-designed 2.5 litre engine combined with the flared wheel-arches to create a car with greater visual presence, and the performance to compete with its’ contemporaries. The 944 and all its derivatives were the mainstay of Porsche production throughout the 1980s, selling over 160,000 cars.
By the end of its production the 944 had evolved into a more than capable supercar, and is today still able to embarrass more modern machinery. The layout of engine at the front and transaxle at the back is still popular, and many 944s are now proving themselves very capable track cars.
From the entry level 944, through the 944S, S2 and Turbo, there is a Porsche 944 to suit everyone. The encyclopaedic knowledge of the Club members means that running a 944 is possible with the minimum of fuss and expense and with prices so low there is no better time to buy one of the best all-round performance cars ever built. So long as you keep in mind that the initial purchase price and depreciation are small, even the cost of major work seems bearable.
Now past its 30th anniversary, the 944 is, of course, suffering the same age-related problems as any older car. Although arguably better-built that any other car from the period, the rust can get a hold if regular prevention isn’t carried out. Mechanically they are incredibly tough, but again servicing costs can be high as major components need an overhaul.
Far from being a “poor-man‘s Porsche”, 944 ownership is a truly rewarding way of enjoying the Porsche experience. Fantastic to drive, solidly-built, with plentiful parts supply, we can't think of a classic car that is more versatile, yet easy to own.

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