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924 Carrera GT

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Welcome to the 924 Carrera GT Register

The Register is one of the Club’s smallest but probably its most exotic. It covers the rare 924 Carrera GT, the even rarer 924 Carrera GTS, the exotic 924 Carrera GTR and the über exotic 924 Carrera GTP models produced in the early 1980s. The Register provides valuable technical support and helpful advice for owners and prospective owners of these rare cars, all of which have a veritable racing pedigree and a special place in Porsche’s history.

Based on the turbo version of the 924, the 924 Carrera GT was developed by Porsche as a homologation version to meet Group 4 racing regulations, in order for the company to compete in the 1980 Le Mans 24 hour race. It incorporated wider front and rear wings similar to those seen on a styling concept shown the previous year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. These were styling trends that would eventually appear in the 924’s replacement, the 944.The GT and GTS versions were the only front engined water cooled cars of the 80s to carry the highly esteemed Carrera name.

The GTS is a more powerful version of the 924 Carrera GT and is distinguishable by its perspex headlamp covers (instead of the pop-up headlights on the GT), and an intercooler in front of the engine rather than on top of it. Just fifty nine 924 Carrera GTSs were produced by the Weissach competitions department, 15 of which were lightweight Club Sport cars, that were fitted with roll cage and an engine that developed an extra 25 BHP compared to the 'standard' GTS.

The 924 Carrera GTR was a full race car, also produced by the compeitions deparment. Just 19 of these special race cars were made, of which 9 either raced or qualified for the Le Mans 24 Hour race. Powered by a 2,479cc version of the 924 Carrera GT engine, the 924 Carrera GTP was the actory entered works car actually raced in the 1980 and 1981 Le Mans races. Only 6 of these were prepared, and 3 were raced.

The Register holds extensive factory sourced information on these cars, including the specification sheets for ALL the 75 right hand drive cars built for the UK market. It undertakes to help prospective buyers check the provenance and authenticity of these cars, which because their rarity, have escalated in value creating a market for replicas and fakes. Just email the VIN and registration details to the Register Secretary if you would like to verify a 924 Carrera GT.

As well as being socially active, the Register provides valuable technical support and helpful advice for owners.


My name is Ricky Caesar and I am Register Secretary for the 924 Carrera GT. I have been a member since 1985 and now own a 911 2.7 Carrera, 911 turbo & 924 Carrera GTS. For my enthusiastic support, I have just been given an honorary membership.


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