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911 Sportomatic

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Welcome to the 911 Sportomatic Register

The Sportomatic Register covers all standard production 911 models from 1967 through to 1978 (apart from the 911 Turbo and 2.7 RS) that were fitted with Porsche’s semi-automatic Sportomatic gearshift system. A small number of 914s were also fitted with the system, which are found almost exclusively in the USA.
Sportomatics were produced in limited in numbers and information obtained from Porsche Cars GB records suggests that only 192 Sportomatic 911s were imported into the UK between 1968 and 1973 inclusive. Over the years some of these have been converted to manual which makes the Sportomatic cars something of a rarity.
At one time the ‘Sporto’ link would reduce the value of the car but now they are all considered ‘classics’ and their values today are linked much more to overall vehicle condition than the type of transmission fitted. The Sportomatic Targa and 911S models appear to be the rarest.
The Register maintains a record of both existing Sportos and those that have succumbed to a manual conversion. It holds an archive of model-specific information which the Register Secretary is happy to share with owners and prospective owners of Sportomatic cars.

The Register provides valuable technical support and helpful advice for owners.



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